EP Climbing is Attending Indoor Climbing Expo in Chattanooga


Chattanooga, TN – Dec 13-16

EP Climbing is thrilled to announce its participation in the Indoor Climbing Expo in Chattanooga, taking place from Dec 13-16.

Join us at Booth 120 and dive into the world of our latest Bio Range, featuring the latest additions: Bones and Pulses. These dual-textured volumes are crafted to be directional, setter-friendly, and visually striking – in a word, they’re awesome.

The Bio range offers a wide selection of colors, bringing a visual flair to your climbing setup. Swing by our booth to explore EP Climbing’s complete range of holds, volumes, and macros.

Catch the Bio Range in action at the Grip Showcase hosted by Synergy Climbing on Dec 15th at 427 East Main St., Chattanooga, TN.

Don’t forget to cast your vote for EP Route #16, showcasing the Pulse and Bone series!

For more information, please contact our team at holds@epclimbing.com.

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