Does Your Climbing Gym Need Funding?

does your gym need funds?

does your climbing gym need funding?

We can appreciate how difficult this time is for climbing gym owners. Revenue drops, expenses remain, and doubt can fill the air. One minute you had a profitable business, and the next you wonder if you will lose your house. It’s not supposed to be like this.

For those climbing gyms who were running responsible and profitable businesses before this crisis began, we may have a lifeline for you.

First, CWA has some great information about loan programs and other government assistance that is available to small businesses. They just posted this about current SBA loan options. Also here is a guide to emergency loans from USCoC. Thank you CWA for your advocacy work at this time.



We have been approached by at least two savvy investment funds that realize viable  businesses are simply facing a liquidity problem, and they want to help. Assuming you have solid books and operations, they may be willing to provide relief in the form of equity or debt. If you are interested please contact us and we will connect you. Please don’t send us your P&Ls, we are not the ones evaluating each climbing gym.

Be aware these fund managers are receiving many requests, and are looking for the most sustainable businesses to support with their funds. We have spoken with them on the phone, they currently operate and manage climbing gyms with planned expansions, and we feel these are legitimate opportunities.

Do You Have Funds To Invest In Climbing Right Now?

We would love to help you connect with worthy businesses to support with your funds. You may be willing to offer loans or equity, and of course you will be scrutinous. If you contact us, we will connect you with any opportunities we hear about.

At CBJ we simply want to help connect businesses with funding. We are not involved in the negotiations, nor are we asking for any finders fees or other compensation. We just want to use our position to help, no strings attached.