CWA Cancels Its Upcoming Summit

CWA Summit 2020, originally scheduled for May 13-15 in Loveland, CO, is now cancelled

CWA Summit 2020, originally scheduled for May 13-15 in Loveland, CO, is now cancelled

One of the latest events to fall through because of the ongoing global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is the annual Summit of the Climbing Wall Association (CWA). The CWA’s Summit—the largest gathering of its kind for climbing gyms and companies working within the industry—was originally scheduled to take place on May 13–15 in Loveland, Colorado.

In an announcement about the cancellation, CWA stated, “In addition to health concerns about traveling to and attending large events, we know that the impacts on your business over the next few months are weighing heavily on your mind. We recognize the need for you to conserve your time and money this year.”

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The announcement noted that the CWA will be “creating opportunities” and “strategies” for those within the industry to manage the impact of the Coronavirus on their respective businesses. “We are also exploring ways to support members facing financial hardship, including lobbying efforts,” CWA noted.

This year’s Summit had originally included a keynote speech by Kevin Jorgeson, co-star of The Dawn Wall documentary, as well as conference sessions about topics ranging from mentorship and coaching to gym design and wage issues. Scheduled talks had included “Beyond the Trend: Ensuring a lasting role for womxn in the climbing industry,” “Methods for Boosting a Struggling Bottom Line,” and “Routesetting and Management Communication,” among many others.

Updates about CWA’s ongoing efforts can be found on the organization’s website. CBJ is constantly updating a comprehensive list of news articles and resources related to the Coronavirus and gyms, which can be found here.

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