Colorado Collective Gears Up for a Second Expansion Gym

Greeley Climbing Collective exterior sketch
Longmont Climbing Collective is working towards a big 2023, with an expansion gym in Longmont and another one in Greeley (pictured here) now on the way in Colorado. (All images courtesy of LCC)

Greeley Climbing Collective
Greeley, Colorado

Specs: One year after announcing a new, ground-up facility near its original, bouldering-focused location, Longmont Climbing Collective (LCC) is getting ready to add a second expansion gym in Colorado. Similar to the Longmont expansion, the planned Greeley Climbing Collective (GCC) gym will offer both roped climbing and bouldering. According to co-founder Mack Maier, Greeley is “a growing city and one that has a strong sense of community which is where our gyms thrive.” GCC will be located in an existing downtown building in proximity to the University of Northern Colorado. “We felt that to be successful in Greeley, we couldn’t be located on the outskirts of town,” he added.

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Once the renovations are finished, GCC will feature rooftop and indoor yoga, fitness classes, food truck events, as well as 15,000 square feet of bouldering, auto belay, top rope and lead climbing. While still in the planning phases, Maier said there is the possibility for a few other amenities to be added. The new gym is expected to open in late 2023 with a hands-on approach from owners Bryan and Shauna Hylenski, Maier, Heeran Joe, and Aaron and Heather Tellier.

A sketch of GCC's interior
The planned gym in Greeley is still being designed, but early sketches hint at some of the bouldering and roped walls to come.

Walls: Vertical Solutions
Flooring: Habit
CRM Software: Approach
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In Their Words: “We have strong growth aspirations and have been looking at the Greeley real estate market very closely for three years now, and we knew that what we were looking for does not come to market often, so when we had an opportunity to purchase our building, we had to take it.” – Mack Maier, Greeley Climbing Collective co-founder and co-owner

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