Climbing Insider News Weekly: January 8

Photo by Jesse Sklut, courtesy of The Spot
Climbing Insider News Weekly: January 8
Photo by Jesse Sklut, courtesy of The Spot

Just a few thoughts

2021 is here and the pandemic is still with us, but there’s good news around us too. 90% of gym staff and 80% of customers reported 1 positive case or less in November, and at least some relief for small businesses and vaccinations are on the horizon. Climbing gyms and their staff are setting an example, but they need you this year more than last. Supporting yours is one new year’s resolution worth keeping.

Content for Climbing Insiders

Mountain Project Acquired by onX (Michael Levy, Rock & Ice)
“onX will continue to operate Mountain Project for free without a paywall. It was built by thousands of contributors and serves millions of climbers. It is not trivial or cheap to operate, and this is a hell of a service to our community. So having a solid, long-term home is the biggest benefit…” – Nick Wilder

Considering the Monolith – And Bolting – As Public Art (Andrew Bisharat, Evening Sends)
“Beyond the obvious differences in size and scale of attention received by the Monolith, there is no meaningful ethical distinction between the installation of the Monolith and the installation of our bolts, thousands of them across Utah alone. In some strange way, this is our public art.” – Andrew Bisharat

Video: What does it mean to be a strong female climber? (Anna Hazelnutt)
“I had to redefine what it meant to be Anna this year. And I’m still trying to understand myself, to love myself, and to embody my own definition of what it means to be a strong female climber.” – Anna Hazelnutt

I Played the New Climbing Smartphone Game Crux (Brandon Pullan, Gripped)

New Artificial Ice Climbing Wall Build in Edmonton (Gripped)

Wellness + Training

Video: How Climbing Helped Trevor Ponting Through Brain Cancer (EpicTV)
“After having been diagnosed with Brain Cancer last year, it’s been climbing that allowed him to use his body and mind in the way that a man that has spent his life pushing his limits needs to.” – EpicTV

Sync Up – How Menstrual Cycles Affect Climbing and Training (Madeline Cope & Neil Gresham, Rock & Ice)
“For me, some simple changes have helped to maintain my training and climbing, but the most important step was understanding the process. For every climber, understanding our individual experience is integral to being able to recognize the cues our bodies give us.” – Madeline Cope

Decoding Dupuytren’s – A Climber’s Hand Disorder (Noah Walker, Gripped)

Endurance Training Tips for Winter (Neil Gresham, Gym Climber)


Gym Manager Beta

Ask a Lawyer: Can Gyms Require Vaccination? (Jason Pill, CBJ)
“Climbing gyms should consider the risks of a mandatary vaccination program and whether alternatives, such as voluntary vaccinations with or without incentives, can also be effective in maintaining a safe workplace.” – Jason Pill

Projecting Anti-Racism: A Case Study of GP81 and Try-Hard Crew (Anaheed Saatchi, CWA)
“We need each other to do this work to stop perpetuating cycles of harm. Community groups are able to be hyper-focused and help create spaces that center empathy and thrive with the continual support of climbing gyms.” – Anaheed Saatchi

Collegiate Climbing Ambassador Scholarship – Apply Now (USA Climbing)

CBJ Original Articles

Ask a Lawyer: Can Gyms Require Vaccination? (Jason Pill)

New Gym Coming to Florida Is a 12-Year Dream in the Making (CBJ)
“Opening a climbing gym in Saint Augustine has been a 12-year-dream. We are ecstatic to bring a premiere climbing facility to this incredible, adventurous community. We believe it will change people’s lives—and the world.” – Eric Hires

Homewalls + Routesetting

Video: Homewall Routesetting – Setting For Kids (Keegan Minock, DoughJo Setting)

Video: Ollie vs Maddy – Boulder Setting Challenge (Lattice Training)
“…Setting a number of problems that push the other person to explore, learn and execute is a super effective way at improving climbing.” – Lattice Training

HWOW: Colorful Comp Training Wall (CBJ)
“This 45-degree training wall is the perfect compliment to Elizabeth Sepulveda’s comp training. The steep angle, with volumes for added dimension, allows her to work on specific weaknesses like power.” – CBJ