Climbing Industry Leaders Cosign Gun Safety Letter

“We urge the Senate to take immediate action. Gun violence can be prevented. Our families, our communities, and our places of business are depending on you,” reads an excerpt from the letter. (Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash)

CEOs and leaders of more than 400 companies—brands large and small, and across a variety of industries—recently added their names to a letter urging the United States’ Senate to “take bold urgent action to address our gun violence epidemic.”

The letter—which is available for viewing at CEOs For Gun Safety—cites a number of recent gun-related tragedies, including those at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Tops market in Buffalo, New York, and “14 additional mass shootings that took place in just the ten days between the two.” The letter also includes some relevant statistics on mass shootings in the United States and closes by imploring senators to “transcend partisanship and work together to pass bold legislation to address gun violence in our country.”

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Of particular note are the letter’s numerous cosignatories from CEOs of outdoor-industry companies and/or endemic companies of the climbing gym industry—for example, Brad Werntz (Founder & Managing Member of Boulders Climbing Gym), Ryan Gellert (CEO of Patagonia), Drew Saunders (General Manager of Oberalp North America), Luke Mehall (Publisher of The Climbing Zine), Scott Rennak (Publisher of Climbing Business Journal), as well as CEOs of brands more tangential to the climbing industry, such as Nick Woodman of GoPro and Lauren Hobart of DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Any CEOs and company leaders that wish to add their name to the letter can do so here.