Climbing footwear specialists announce the launch of new shoe recommendation tool


Climbing footwear specialists announce the launch of new shoe recommendation tool

Climbing footwear specialists announce the launch of new shoe recommendation tool, a specialist website offering expert advice on climbing footwear, has launched a program to assist new climbers looking to purchase their first pair of climbing shoes.

The application is built using conditional logic to determine the best shoe recommendations for individual visitors. Users answer six questions designed to gain an understanding of the key inputs involved in choosing appropriate climbing footwear. The questions aim to learn about the respondent’s foot shape, experience level, and typical climbing terrain.

Each answer is weighed individually depending on its importance, which the program then matches against the website’s database of shoes, which have been tested and classified by their shoe testing team. Users are then presented with three shoe suggestions that best match their requirements.

“We are really excited to announce the launch of our climbing shoe quiz.” said Sam Laird, Chief Editor of Climbing Shoe Review. “Although there is plenty of great information available on climbing shoes, the technicalities of shoe construction and the implications this has on performance can be pretty overwhelming for climbers, especially those that are just new to the sport. This new approach really helps to remove a lot of the guesswork from finding your first pair of shoes.”

“Our team frequently receives questions from readers asking for advice on climbing shoes and if they would be suitable for their needs. To help with this, we have worked to develop an application that offers new climbers a hassle-free and personalized suggestion without the need to understand the intricacies of shoe construction”

The application, the first of its kind within the industry, was developed in conjunction with an experienced team of developers who have a track record of building over 500 software programs. The application currently has over 8000 outcome combinations, which will continue to grow as more shoes are tested and added to the database.

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