Changes to IFSC Age Categories

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usa climbing spraywall header

At the 2023 general assembly, the IFSC member federations voted to approve a shift in the minimum age for World Cups from 16 to 17, effective for the 2025 season.

To align with that change, those member federations also approved a shift in IFSC age categories, starting in 2025, to U17, U19, and U21 (the current IFSC age categories are U16/Youth B, U18/Youth A, and U20/Junior).

In addition, the IFSC determined that the 2025 Youth World Championships will include only the U17 and U19 age categories. As a result, those who are 14 or 19 the year of the Youth World Championships will not be eligible for the event (as of 2025).

Once formed, USA Climbing’s new Youth Series Task Force will make recommendations to minimize impacts on the 2024/2025 season. As a reminder, we are accepting applications for the Task Force until Friday, May 10.

Apply for the Task Force

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