CBJ Gear Report: New Climbing Products and Services

CBJ Buyers Guide - Fall 2021

CBJ Buyers Guide - Fall 2021

New products and services for climbing walls and employees are released constantly, and we want you to know about them. So we’re launching this new CBJ Gear Report to give some space to innovations and cool stuff for climbing insiders.




Blitz Climbing

Blitz offers wholesale chalk products including loose chalk, chalk balls, liquid chalk, bulk chalk, and brushes. Contact aaron@blitzclimbing.com for their pricing sheet and a free sample pack. MSRP $4.25 (chalk ball) $6.00 (100g loose) $24.50 (500g loose) $6.75 (100ml liquid) $7.99 (brushes).

Blitz Climbing wholesale chalk products


The Bucket is 4.5kg of chalk in a reusable plastic bucket. Perfect for route setters, teams and anyone who just wants a boatload of chalk in bulk at a discount. Contact support@chalkcartel.com. MSRP $225.

Chalk Cartel's The Bucket bulk chalk in 5 gallon bucket


HMH Outdoors announces distribution to North America of these products made in Denmark. The ClimbLab hold cleaning system creates a safe working environment for your staff, saves time and money, and is the only system on the market designed to handle full crates instead of single holds. The ClimbLab air cleaning system combines an electrostatic filter with a high airflow fan, providing top performance in a compact design which can be installed close to the climbers where it ensures a constant flow of fresh air. Chalk dust is trapped in an aluminum filter cassette which is designed to be washed and re-used, resulting in zero cost for disposable filters and hundreds of filters kept out of landfills. Contact mack@hmhoutdoors.com.


The new Backyard Boulder comes in two freestanding sizes, is tested for outdoor use in up to 35mph winds without anchors (and up to 115mph with anchors) and panels come attached on frames ready for assembly. The new Eldo Board accommodates all popular holds systems (Moon, Tension, Kilter) with hand-crank adjustment from 10˚-70˚, featuring powder-coated steel support structure with natural finish panels. Contact sales@eldowalls.com.


Gnarly Creatine is natural, vegan, and can increase strength, endurance, recovery and power. Gnarly Fuel2O is an all-in-one solution created for fueling, replenishment and recovery. Contact timams@gognarly.com for wholesale accounts. MSRP $45.00 (450g Creatine) $9.50-$34.95 (3-25 servings).


Full Kilter Board Bundle Packages are now available in sizes 7’x10′, 8’x12′ and 12’x12′ that include everything you need, including adjustable freestanding frame, mats, holds and lights. In addition, the new Kilter Board Homewall Layout is now shipping both 7’x10′, 8’x12′, 10×10′ and 10’x12′ sizes which are distinct from the standard board; the smaller is designed to fit in 8′  tall rooms at 40°. Contact holds@kiltergrips.com.


The Camp Work Station and Camp Coffee Table are made for quick setup and take down, using rugged plywood that slots together, and stores flat for easy transport. Contact info@metoliusclimbing.com. MSRP $189.95 (Work Station) $99.95 (Coffee Table).


Climbing wall inspections are recommended by CWA every 2-4 years to help ensure safe operation. Nicros inspectors have extensive background in design, engineering, construction, and operation of the structural components, connections to
the building, protection anchors, and safety equipment. They provide a thorough examination of climbing structures and landing surfaces and produce a written detailed summary report. Contact sales@nicros.com.


Lifesaving Blocks are DIY gym products that are 40% less expensive but utilize the same wall technology. Each 12′ wide by 15′ tall block is available in 9 different angles/shapes, meets CWA guidelines, are EN 12572 compliant, and come in three colors and textures. Contact sales@theonsite.com.


The Rocketeer is 7′ tall for low ceilings with 38″ between legs and two-sided 4’x2′ surface for holds and/or hangboards. It’s made from cabinet-grade baltic birch for easy setup and assembly, and features a jug rail on top as well as eye-bolt mounts for weights. Contact info@rockstarvolumes.com. MSRP $649.00.

Rockstar Volumes Rocketeer


The TRUBLUE iQ Auto Belay is the next generation of auto belays, utilizing the same patented magnetic braking with a more durable construction that is lighter than ever before. It’s also upgrade-ready for the iQ+ “catch-and-hold” auto belay that begins shipping in 2022. Contact info@headrushtech.com. MSRP $2,499.

TRUBLUE iQ Auto Belay

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Seasonally we plan to publish these reports featuring recently released products and services for climbing facilities and insiders. Contact us to be included in future Gear Reports.