Capitan Releases Automated Waitlists to Streamline Events

capitan waitlist image

capitan waitlist image

Capitan, the CRM for climbing gyms, has released a new suite of features making it easier to manage waitlists for events. Capitan gives gym managers the flexibility to decide how they want to run their gyms, then automates those decisions in the background to streamline the staff and customer experience. Waitlists are no exception.

How waitlists work in Capitan:

Capitan gives gyms a number of tools to manage waitlists.

  • Set participants on the waitlist to automatically be invited to book as spots become available, to optimize the chances of filling the spot, or instead choose to have staff manually invite them, to retain more control over the participants in an event.
  • Set a time limit on how long a participant has to accept the spot before inviting the next person, to create a sense of urgency and decrease the time a spot remains unfilled.
  • Modify and extend the deadline for accepting a spot, giving staff more flexibility when interacting with customers.
  • Customize the questions asked of participants when joining the waitlist, to collect targeted information such as “if we were to offer this event at another time, what days work best for you?”
  • Filter events to show only those with active waitlists to gauge where the most interest is across the organization’s offerings.

When a participant is invited off of the waitlist, they are required to fill out any event specific questions and pay any fees to accept the spot. If this is not completed before the deadline, the spot will become available for the next participant on the waitlist.

Mary Cornfield, the cofounder of Capitan, shared her excitement about the new features, saying, “Events account for 17% of revenue for organizations using Capitan, so keeping events filled is important to maximize a gym’s revenue. Automated waitlists allow this to happen with no extra work on the part of staff. Plus, they are a great way for gyms to gauge interest for future events: from a new gym offering a ‘waitlist only’ event to test interest before formally offering an event, to existing gyms understanding how much additional demand there is for the events they have on the calendar.”

About Capitan:

Capitan is a climbing-specific CRM that streamlines waivers, entry passes, memberships, events and more. Their open and supported API allows organizations to connect with all other tools they use to run their business. Capitan is used in climbing gyms across four countries, from boutique bouldering facilities to large, multi-location organizations.

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