Bridge Climb Opens in Oregon


Photo: Climb Maple Bridge

Climbers in central Oregon have a new place outdoor crag: a 70 foot tall bridge with three 210 foot arch spans. The Maple Avenue Bridge, located in Redmond, Oregon received it’s first routes in July 2015, and had an official ribbon cutting on August 26th.

The brainchild of local climber Ian Caldwell, the climbing project will be entirely community funded. Caldwell hopes to construct one demonstration route by this fall, eventually posting eight routes on the different arches of the bridge. The routes will be made up of artificial climbing holds bolted into the concrete of the bridge.

“This kind of bridge is unique in that it’s over a park,” said Caldwell, who added that the wall would be one of the few overhang routes on a man-made structure in the country. “There’s other bridges like this, but they’re over railroad tracks or 600-foot gorges.”

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