Bold Q3 Preordering until March 24th

Bold macros

Bold macros

It pays to plan ahead — and you don’t pay til Q3!

Cut the line at the world’s best producers. LEAD TIMES CUT IN HALF!
The highest quality volumes and macros on earth from
Rockcity, Artline, Blocz, Bluepill, Unit, Chapter
Community Climbing Equipment (CCE), Menagerie & Formik

  • Choose your color
  • Dualtex or single
  • Avoid direct shipping costs
  • Shortened lead times
  • Don’t pay ’til Q3
  • IFSC, USAC, and CEC sponsors!

Email for more info. Deadline March 24th!

Escape tnuts

Escape Industrial T-Nuts have been the Blocz standard for North American volumes since late 2019, so you don’t have to worry about bad t-nuts. And if you have Blocz volumes without Escape T-Nuts, let us know and we’ll replace them.

Blocz macros

All new Blocz macros are made with a base of 100% recycled industrial waste. Any production scraps are melted down to make more macros.

Email for more info. Deadline March 24th!

Bold brands

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