Encouraging Signs for Gyms in August CWA Reopening Survey Results

The August reopening survey of the CWA showed multiple encouraging signs, including no increase in the percentage of gyms which had positive cases reported by staff or customers. Image courtesy of the Climbing Wall Association
August CWA reopening survey question on positive COVID-19 cases.
The August CWA reopening survey showed several encouraging signs, including no increase in the percentage of gyms which had positive cases of COVID-19 reported. Image courtesy of the Climbing Wall Association

The Climbing Wall Association (CWA) has published the results from its latest monthly reopening survey for the month of August. The results show multiple encouraging signs for climbing gyms in North America―now six months into the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

In terms of reopening, for instance, 86 percent of gyms responding to the question answered that some or all of their facilities have reopened―14 percentage points higher than in the July reopening survey results. However, only 26 percent of responding gyms feel they are not in danger of going out of business due to the economic hardships triggered by COVID-19―nearly the same as in July. Still, a lower percentage of gyms now feel this may happen within the next year (28 percent in August compared to 42 percent in July).



Another encouraging sign is an increase in normal revenue, check-ins and day pass sales (all up 10 percentage points from July), as well as an increase in normal punch pass sales (up 6 percentage points). Gyms have also retained a slightly higher percentage of their membership since prior to the first wave of closures (62 percent). Also encouraging is that a higher percentage of normal full-time staff (76 percent) and part-time staff (52 percent) are being employed by the gyms participating in the survey.

The percentage of positive COVID-19 cases reported by these staff or customers also did not increase last month. In fact, the same percentage of responding gyms (81 percent) answered that they had no positive cases reported in August.

The full results of the CWA survey can be viewed at the August reopening dashboard, and past dashboards can be found here. This month the CWA also published articles regarding the possibility of more stimulus coming and communication strategies for mask requirements, in addition to hosting the Survive & Thrive workshop. Stay tuned to Climbing Business Journal for coverage of the latest news around the climbing industry throughout this period.

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