April 24 Webinar: Curating your Product Mix – A Continual Process

Curating your Product Mix – A Continual Process - Webinar

Curating your Product Mix – A Continual Process - Webinar

Do you have a retail strategy?

Whether creating a new retail space or rejuvenating an existing space, having a fresh product mix is a fundamental key to success for your retail shop. In this webinar we’ll discuss how to:

  • Determine the best product mix for your business and the customers
  • Keep your selection from getting stale
  • Make the most of relationships with product reps
  • Handle long lead times for certain products
  • And more!

A key factor in your product mix is understanding that retail selection is a process, something that should be checked on at least a few times a year, and not a once-and-done item to check off your to-do list. After touching on some key points in the presentation, we’ll open up the webinar for questions from the audience. Hope to see you there!

This session is a great fit for future gym owners curious about including a retail space in their business operations, or existing gym owners and managers looking for some ideas to help bring customer attention to items in their retail shop.

Ready to learn more? Join us Wednesday, April 24th at 11:00am MDT for “Curating your Product Mix – A Continual Process”. Host Todd McCormick of Keystone Climbing Consultants will lead this webinar as part of the ongoing CBJ Climbing Gym Management Series.

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Meet your presenter:

Todd McCormick founded Keystone in 2020 after years of management, retail, and outdoor guiding experience. He focuses on helping gyms craft efficient systems for retail operations and offers consulting on retail layout for a build, creating a retail space in an existing gym, and everything in between.


Todd McCormick with Keystone Climbing Consultants
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