Announcing the Artist Crash Pad Collab Project

image of climber sitting on crashpads

image of climber sitting on crashpadsStep into a world where the realms of art and adventure intertwine harmoniously as we proudly unveil our latest endeavor: the Artist Crash Pad Collab Project. Breaking the barriers of conventional creativity, this unique initiative invites you to experience the awe-inspiring union of climbing and artistic expression. Say goodbye to ordinary crash pads and welcome bespoke masterpieces that transcend mere functionality, transforming your climbing experience into a visual odyssey.

At the heart of this collaboration lies our dedication to celebrating the raw beauty of nature and fostering a vibrant community of climbers and artists. By curating an exclusive selection of artwork created by passionate climber artists, we aim to introduce a new dimension to your climbing gear—a canvas that reflects your unique personality.

Here’s how it works: Imagine browsing through a collection of captivating artwork, each meticulously handcrafted by talented individuals who possess an intimate understanding of the climbing world. From breathtaking landscapes to vibrant abstract interpretations immortalized on custom-designed crash pads.

Our partnership with visionary climber artists is built on a shared passion for exploration and pushing boundaries. By collaborating with these gifted individuals, we provide them with a platform to showcase their artistic prowess while offering you the opportunity to own an exceptional and unique crash pad that truly resonates.

Our Artist Crash Pad Collaboration Project offers a gateway to a world where climbers and artists unite in a shared appreciation for creativity, self-expression, and the thrill of exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or an aspiring adventurer, this is your chance to fuse the realms of outdoor prowess and artistic brilliance, curating a personal connection with your climbing gear like never before.

Nico Francis
Aaron Stromberg
Hannah Reeves
Michelle Ang

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