A Year of Growth and Innovation: OnSite Has More in Store for 2024

OnSite walls at Latitude Climbing + Fitness Hampton
OnSite completed more gym projects than ever last year, setting the pace among North American manufacturers, and already the Montreal-based company is turning heads again in 2024. (Pictured: 50-foot OnSite walls at the new Latitude Climbing + Fitness location in Hampton, Virginia; all photos courtesy of OnSite Climbing)

As we bid farewell to an incredible year, we are excited at OnSite Climbing to share the highlights of our journey throughout 2023. It has been a period of achievements, strategic moves and innovative developments that have solidified OnSite’s position in the climbing industry.

OnSite Climbing: Leading the Way

In 2023, OnSite proudly completed more new climbing gym builds across the U.S. and Canada than any other North America-based wall manufacturer. Our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction has gained the support of our dedicated community.

Acquisition of DÉLIRE Climbing Walls

A significant milestone was OnSite’s recent acquisition of DÉLIRE Climbing Walls, which expanded our capabilities and offerings. This acquisition allows us to enhance our product range and provide diverse climbing solutions.

Legged 2.0 wall
The adjustable Legged 2.0 wall (pictured) has all the bells and whistles: a sleek design, minimal footprint and flex, wide angle range, touchscreen adjustment, simple installation and competitive price.

13 New Climbing Gyms Across North America

We’ve expanded the thrill of climbing to new locations, designing and installing 13 state-of-the-art climbing gyms in 2023. These gyms provide immersive experiences for climbing enthusiasts, and we’re excited to witness our community grow.

Home Training Walls: Sales and Global Reach

OnSite has not only excelled in climbing gyms but also in home training walls. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, customizable solutions has resonated globally. Our homewalls are now providing a great training experience in the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Switzerland and the Middle East.

Climbing on an OnSite urban boulder
In addition to indoor walls, OnSite has been supporting the growth of climbing for all ages and abilities with its urban boulders (pictured).

Outdoor Climbing Initiative: Boulders Across Canada

Complementing our indoor efforts, we’re proud to share a successful outdoor climbing initiative in 2023. We installed 6 new boulders in 3 different locations across Canada, providing free outdoor climbing experiences for citizens of all ages.

Innovative Texture for an Enhanced Climbing Experience

We’ve listened to our clients’ recommendations and are proud of our new wall texture. To enhance the climbing experience on our walls, we’ve developed a new texture that is gentler on the skin, easy to wash, resistant to abrasion and minimizes shoe marks. Our aim is to make every climb a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Foam Utilization Breakthrough

We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking method for utilizing dual-layer foam, which is significantly increasing the durability of our paddings. This innovation enhances climber safety and ensures a longer lifespan for our climbing equipment.

The Monolith wall at the Expo
The freestanding Monolith mobile wall (pictured at the Expo) packs multiple climbing angles into one compact structure that can be assembled for pop-up events and gyms.

Monolith and Legged Adjustable Training Wall for Commercial Use

At the Indoor Climbing Expo in Chattanooga, Onsite Climbing showcased the freestanding Monolith and unveiled the Legged Adjustable Training Wall for commercial use, starting at an affordable $25,000 USD. The Legged’s installation is streamlined, with legs only 2″ thick, making it easy to put pads on top without requiring a cutout. The two versions—12’x12’ and 16’x12’—can be set for any t-nut pattern.

What’s Coming in 2024: A Sneak Peek into the Future

In 2024, we’re embarking on a historic journey by constructing our first climbing gym in France. This marks a significant step forward, as no wall builder based in North America has undertaken such a venture in Europe, to our knowledge. We are thrilled to extend the legacy of OnSite Climbing to the heart of France.

OnSite walls at Altitude Gym Orléans
After a busy year of gym builds stateside, OnSite is now bringing its expertise to Europe. (Pictured: OnSite’s work at the new Altitude Gym location in Orléans, Ontario)

As we reflect on 2023, we extend our gratitude to our community for being an integral part of OnSite Climbing’s success. Your passion for climbing fuels our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of climbing. Here’s to an exciting 2024!

– The OnSite Family


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