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Ends 5/26.
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Bold has 5600+ world class PU holds. Go to boldclimbing.com where you can search by brand, manufacturer, hold type or size, and easily view a summary of your selections.
Use code BOLDHOLDS for 5% off.

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Important dates
+ Sale ends 5/26
+ Proxy lead time 2-3 weeks
+ CompX lead time 4-5 weeks
+ Aragon lead time 4-6 weeks
+ CWA Pre-Conference events May 13-14
+ CWA Main event May 15-17
+ USAC Bouldering Locals/Regionals/Divisionals, Fall (Pick stock/incoming stock)
+ CEC Regionals and Nationals, April/May (Order in-stock macros/volumes)
+ USAC Lead/ TR QE Locals, going on now (Order in-stock macros/volumes)
+ USAC Lead/ TR Regionals/Divisionals, May/June (Order in-stock macros/volumes)

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