39 New Climbing Products and Services for Spring 2024


A new spring climbing season is here, and so are dozens of new arrivals for the climbers and staff at your gym! Below you’ll find resources for kick-starting a new gym project, supporting staff development and tackling operational challenges; customizable auto belay gates for climber safety; smart training tools and AI-powered apps; top-of-the-line skin-care products for long sessions; new carabiners, quickdraws and harnesses; artistic chalk bags; a complete crash pad set; a must-see, award-winning film tour; and much more!

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Elevate Climbing Walls


Capitan, a CRM platform for climbing gyms, announced Capitan Launch, a program designed to help anyone opening their first climbing gym. This initiative focuses on helping new climbing gyms increase customer conversion, accelerate memberships and streamline operations, from conception to presales to the grand opening. Capitan Launch includes a 20% discount on subscription costs for the first year of an organization’s annual plan. The program also comes with benefits Capitan customers have already been using, like features tailored to making presales easy and networking roundtables for learning and collaborating with some of the world’s leading climbing gyms. Book a free intro call to see how Capitan can help your organization.

Chalk Cartel

Made by the skin care experts at CRUX in Spain, MOJO is an intensive repair balm that soothes, hydrates and rebuilds your skin by promoting cell growth. The MOJO stick ($13.00) can help shorten the time between sessions and kick-start the body’s natural healing process. Application after each climbing session provides instant cooling relief and prevents the cracking and splitting that comes from overly dry skin.

EP Climbing

EP Climbing is now offering Professional Staff Development Programs to enhance your business operations. The comprehensive range of training services is designed to improve climbing instruction, routesetting, and the overall management skills of your team. The spectrum of offerings includes CWI and Working at Height certifications, with customizable options available. Starting at $1750, the staff training is shaped by your needs.


Flashed has released a customizable auto belay gate ($175) designed to make it easier for gyms to share their branding and convey a message (when it’s up against the wall or down on the pad). Printable on both sides, you can choose between standard wording or add a bespoke custom image (+$19.95).


Gym tech company Griptonite has introduced several new innovations for modernizing your climbing workouts. Firstly, the smart hangboard, Motherboard, utilizes the popular Beastmaker hangboard and adds real-time feedback on applied force and hand bias. Bundles with either the Beastmaker 1000 or the Beastmaker 2000 are available for £349.99. Secondly, a new AI coaching feature is now available on the Grippy App. This tool analyzes your strengths and weaknesses based on your own logbook data. It then provides a tailored workout based on a chosen target.


PhysiVāntage, a climbing nutrition brand, has recently created a medical advisory board to help provide clinical, research and educational support for its products. The Medical Advisory Board represents self-regulation over its own high standards for PhysiVāntage. The board currently consists of Thomas Cunningham, M.D., and Noah Kaufman, M.D.

Proxy Climbing

The Proxy Climbing auto belay gate by Vertical Solutions is an accessory for climbing gyms or homewalls with auto belay systems. Acting as an extra step and reminder, the belay gate is designed to ensure climbers clip in before climbing, promoting secure attachment to auto belay systems. Easy to set up and customizable for various routes, it’s durable and built to withstand frequent use. Belay Gate Dimensions: 4ft wide by 5ft tall. $110.00

Rise Above Consulting

Gavin Heverly with Rise Above Consulting specializes in consulting for complex and high-value operational challenges for climbing businesses. Advising packages are available by project starting at $200/hour or in 10-hour increments for $1,500. For each additional 10 hours committed to upfront at once, there is a 5% discount capping at 20%. A free discovery call can be booked to discuss details.

The Power Company

The newest skin care product from Power Company Climbing bundles three of the company’s best-selling items together in a Custom Organic Climbing Ditty Bag. The Organic Skin Care Bundle ($40) includes: a 2-Roll Pack of Circuit Tape; a pair (1 Medium Grit, 1 Fine Grit) of Finger Files; and a set of Climber Clippers (nail clippers with a black-matte finish and skin detail clippers)—all tucked into a black Organic Ditty Bag, made from durable 1000D cordura fabric, that has a black zipper and key clip and features a custom embroidered patch of the Power Company button logo. This bundle, the individual products, as well as other Power Company products are also available at wholesale pricing to retailers.

Rock Gym Pro

The Rock Gym Pro team recently made several updates to the RGP platform focused on enhancing the user experience and streamlining operations. They’ve split credit card surcharges from monthly membership dues, ensuring clearer revenue tracking. Additionally, they’ve introduced automated prompts for collecting outstanding balances from ACH members, akin to prompts for credit card members. Revenue charts now display full decimal precision for accurate reporting, and a Customer GUID has been incorporated into the Customer Activity Analysis “Summary Report” for improved multi-facility tracking. Lastly, a database index was added to enhance performance for calendar actions involving internal queries of booking status.

Tension Climbing

The Tension Ergo Edge ($52) is a no-hang tool for rehab, training and warm-up. The Ergo Edge is built to take into account the variable finger length of the average human hand, resulting in an un-level surface that can more evenly distribute load to the fingers in certain grip positions. The cylindrical design makes the 25mm edge both angle-adjustable and stable. A single Ergo Edge includes a 25mm edge for left-handed and right-handed profiles, with “L” and “R” engraving to differentiate the edges.


Trango has several new products for Spring 2024, including the Lasso Tool Leash ($17.95); Reaction Steel Gym Quickdraw ($24.95); bolt to screw converter, Screwy (starting at $37 for a 25-pack); Icon Brush ($14.75); Oval K Carabiner ($9.95); Oval K Locking Carabiner ($11.95); Vector Carabiner ($8.50); Vector Rack Pack ($48.70); Vector Mega Rack Pack ($64.40); Vector Quickdraw ($19.95); Vector Quickdraw 6-Pack ($109.95); and Vector Quickdraw Package ($259.95).


Now you can save $750 off the price of a new TRUBLUE iQ when you trade in your current auto belay by March 31. The updated TRUBLUE iQ is smaller, lighter and more durable than the original model. Additional savings are available by trading in your TRUBLUE Auto Belay before its next annual service appointment (savings of over $1,250). Contact TRUBLUE about the Trade-In Program to learn more.

Awesome Woodys

Awesome Woodys has released a new home bouldering wall with adjustable angles: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 degrees. The Home Bouldering Wall Kit comes in two styles—a spray wall ($3,969.00) and a mini moon board ($4,253.00)—with simple assembly and easy to follow instructions. The board will fit in a room with standard ceiling height and features high-density T-Nuts, a quick adjustment system, and a 300mm kickboard.



CLIMBMANAGER now offers integration with payment systems such as Redsys, My Fatoorach, Paymob, Stripe, Vipps and Paysera as well as with the Zoho accounting system. Integration with payment systems enables users to make payments directly from within the software. This eliminates the need to go to external websites or use other platforms. Integrations enable you to handle transactions with customers around the world.


Girls Gone Hueco

After three premiere events, more than 50 international screenings, and one film festival award (so far), Girls Gone Hueco is touring with its uplifting, relatable message. Since the premieres in Toronto, Salt Lake City and Vancouver, screenings have been taking place all around North America and Europe. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with Girls Gone Hueco winning the “Empowerment Film of the Year” award from the Nordic Adventure Film Festival. The Girls Gone Hueco film tour schedule is available here.

Gnarly Dood

Gnarly Dood’s Chalk Bags ($21.95), crafted from durable materials, feature a drawstring closure, an adjustable belt and a brush holder. Each bag depicts a scene from some of the top climbing destinations in the World. Other new products include the Gnar Hat ($27.95), Quickdraw Pouches ($24.95) and Chalk Buckets ($29.95).



A fully adjustable, eco-designed harness, the Corax ($79.95) from Petzl features a wide waistbelt and padded leg loops, two DOUBLEBACK buckles to easily adjust and center the harness, adjustable leg loops, and FRAME Technology construction that allows weight to be distributed across the waistbelt and leg loops. The new Corax LT ($69.95) is designed to be easy to use and comfortable for both gym and outdoor climbing. Built for a wide range of users, the new harness is available in five sizes and has four gear loops to rack gear.


Pitch Six

Pitch Six’s Force Board is a smart, weight-free strength training system targeting rock climbers and other athletes that require potent strength training for fingers and other muscle groups. The Force Board works with the Force Board app, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Packages range from $149 to $339.


Warrior’s Way

The Warrior’s Way Rock Climbing: Falling & Commitment Course provides instruction on falling and commitment in rock climbing taught by mental-training coach and best-selling author, Arno Ilgner. The course covers coaching, dynamic belaying, falling, stopping and commitment. Lifetime access to the online course is $199.

Wild Country

A versatile harness engineered for multi-pitch, alpine, sport and trad adventures and all-round use, the Mosquito Pro ($129.95) features a wide waistbelt designed to fit all body types; adjustable leg loops for all-season climbing; and two rigid thermoplastic front gear loops and three rear gear loops, providing versatility and storage capacity for a full trad rack and ice screws. All gear loops are designed specifically to keep gear and draws away from the harness for smoother retrieval.


The ZÆD by Raed Climbing is a new adjustable belay resistor that allows lightweight climbers to belay a heavier climbing partner. Described as “soft belaying,” Testers say ZÆD feels like belaying or being belayed by a climber of the same weight. The device is available in two materials: stainless steel (from $121) and titanium (from $149). The stainless steel version is robust and affordable, for gym climbing, and the titanium version is 20% lighter, for longer approaches to the crag.

ZIGZAG Climbing

The LINK Crash Pad from ZIGZAG Climbing offers full 360° modularity and is designed for limitless configuration possibilities, matching any landing zone. The rapid peel-and-place capability is done through LINK Tape patches, which offer over 1,500lbs of connection force, eliminate gaps between pads, and give the ability to carry multiple pads without cords, cables or tie-downs. The Triple LINK offers 18sq. ft. of customizable coverage, weighing in at 4lbs. per pad unit. The LINK features a fully padded, removable and repositionable air-mesh harness system, 5-layer symmetrical foam cushioning, and 100% recycled Repreve 840d Ballistic water-resistant polyester fabric made from 111 plastic bottles. ($318.95)

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