30 New Climbing Products and Services for Fall 2022

CBJ Buyer's Guide Fall 2022

CBJ Buyer's Guide Fall 2022

This season it’s all about new takes on old favorites. Crash pads grand and petit―including one made from recycled scraps―all-in-one routesetter bundles and belts, auto belay safety tools and AI-powered devices, compact training boards and courses, upgraded route and partner-finding apps…there’s plenty of hot new products and services to keep gym and retail managers smiling through the colder months.

AcopaAsanaBeast FingersBenkyBlitzBorn to ClimbChalk CartelClimb ManagerDNP ImagingcommEP ClimbingFurnace IndustriesGnarly NutritionIMPACTKayaKinetiKLEMURMetoliusMoonMyClimbOrganicPerfect DescentPetzlSand-ItTechtopiaThe Power Company


Trango Holds Pardners


Asana’s newest crash pad is the TripTick Trifold, an oversized pad that’s 72″x36″x3″. Designed to fit between wheel wells of most trucks or hatchbacks, it doubles as a sleeping pad with both a soft and a firm side, and also straps to their Superhero pad. Since it’s made with remnant cuts through their Scrap Project sustainability program, it’s available in limited quantities. $395

Blitz Climbing

Blitz recently added a 250g bag for both their Chunky Monkey and Monkey Powder chalk, providing an option between their 100g and 500g sizes. $15


Chalk Cartel

Chalk Cartel has launched The Routesetter Bundle, a gift pack for your setting team that includes 6 brushes, 6 refillable balls, and a bucket with 4.5kg of chalk. They’ve also added The Half Kilo, providing an option between The Quarter and The Kilo. $299 for Routesetter Bundle ($199 at wholesale) and $30 for the Half Kilo.

DNP Imagingcomm

DNP’s new Action Capture System enables climbing facilities to send their customers home with a photo of their climbing experience. Pressing a button triggers a camera mounted on the wall. In addition to on-site printing, images can be displayed on your TV monitors and digital copies shared with customers. $2,995

EP Climbing

EP Climbing is now renting their Crag Wagon for your event, including pro competitions, demos and clinics, and trade shows. The wall is 50ft wide with 10ft bays, has a customizable space in the center, and can be set up as a bouldering or top-rope wall. Rentals begin at $20,000.

Furnace Industries

The DRY ICE Evolution is Furnace Industries’ latest training drytool. With a full-strength aluminum core, baltic birch outer layers, enlarged grips, and Vibram XS Edge replaceable rubber tips, the Evolution can bring training indoors since It’s Always Ice Season®. Sold in pairs for $315.

Gnarly Nutrition

Gnarly recently announced all of their powdered supplements now have NSF certification, indicating they meet strict standards for public health protection, and validating that the ingredients listed on the label are exactly the contents found in the product. Options start at $9.50.


IMPACT Climbing

IMPACT is now offering Route Tags, reusable aluminum markers that are mounted with a standard 3/8″ bolt. They come in a variety of colors, full range of grades, circles or diamonds, and include “start”, “top” and “new” tags. Pricing begins at $8.

LEMUR x Kilter

The Kilter Board x LEMUR Design Compact Adjustable Wall is the company’s latest, designed to fit a 12’x12′ wall with 10″ kicker into shorter spaces. At a 10′ clear height, this wall offers access to the 40° to 70° database of Kilter Board problems, with only a 17″ deep back structure. Pushing a button adjusts the 1″ thick hardwood panels, which feature CNC design integrating LED light systems and hold orientations. Contact frank@lemurdesign.ca (Canada) or holds@kiltergrips.com (USA) for pricing.



Metolius has launched a variety of new products this season. The Base Camp Pad ($274.95) is 39″x29.25″x4″ and designed for homewalls, the outdoors and sleeping. The Talon 3/4 Finger Belay Glove ($19.95) has stretch nylon and reinforced wear points, in XS to XL sizes. Their upgraded Color Change – PAS 22™ ($39.95) is a personal anchor system with double wrapped 11mm webbing and contrasting colors on end loops. They also released new Leaf and Digi Camo colors of Chalk Bags ($19.95), 5-packs of their Inferno Go To Quickdraw ($98.95), as well as 5- and 25-packs of their Liquid Chalk ($14.95 individually).


Last month MyClimb released a new Climbing Partner Feature to help connect climbers. Users can create a Partner Profile and browse the Partner Community on the app, which is filterable by geography, skill level, discipline (like sport, boulder or trad) and goals. Users request to partner and, if accepted, they can message to coordinate. The app is free.


Organic Climbing

Organic recently added two new products to their lineup: the Routesetter Bag and Setter’s Tool Belt. The Bag ($83.40) was designed to fit a standard 5 gallon bucket, using 1000D Cordura Nylon, pockets lined with 1050 Ballistic Nylon that close with metal buckles, and integrated daisy chains for customization. The Tool Belt ($48) features two bags on a waist belt, each with large main and smaller outside pouches, all made from 1000D Cordura, with a daisy chain along the base for customization. Both are available in several colors.

Perfect Descent

Perfect Descent has added Don’t Forget to CLIP Posters and Signs to help climbers remember to self-check when climbing on their auto belay devices using the Connect, Lock, Inspect and Proceed (CLIP) acronym. The Posters ($7.99 or 3 for $20.99) are 18″x24″ with a glossy finish, while the Signs ($15.99 or 5 for $59.99) are 6″x6″ rigid 1.5mm polystyrene placards that mount with a standard 3/8″ bolt.


Petzl’s new Meteora is a lightweight helmet designed for women, with a headband adapted to a ponytail. A polystyrene foam liner injected into a polycarbonate shell yields a 225g helmet, designed for top and side protection and to be worn with ski goggles. The Meteora is intended for climbing, mountaineering and ski touring. $89.95.


Techtopia has just released their new AI-powered Higher Eye system to improve safety in climbing facilities. Incorporating image recognition technology with a durable camera device, Higher Eye detects movement as people approach the wall, attach belay systems, and climb to certain heights. Various parameters are customizable for the facility. Contact info@techtopia.eu for pricing.



The new Nova shoe from Acopa adds a performance, unlined, leather-free model with an all-new last to their lineup. It features a single point, 4-way adjustable fitting system, and their RS II rubber over the forefoot. Available in US sizes 3-15 for $179.


Beast Fingers

The Grippul 2.0 is Beast Finger’s upgrade to their grip strength trainer that allows a wide variety of attachment points and methods. The heat casted aluminum features three 5/16″ threaded holes and includes an integrated 11mm edge and removable 19mm edge. $49.99

Beast Fingers


Benky now offers Gripwash Konzentrat, a biodegradable cleaning solution for climbing holds that removes dirt, rubber, chalk, sweat and oils without leaving a greasy film. 33.50€ for 2.5 liters of Konzentrat (1:11 mix with water).


Born to Climb

Zofia Reych’s new book Born to Climb stitches together the history and personalities from climbing’s long-ago past to today’s high-flying present. Read our review of Born to Climb here. $29.00

Born to Climb

Climb Manager

Climb Manager has launched a dedicated mobile app to complement their customer management software. Customers get a streamlined experience, saving time and hassle at the front desk, and they are able to book classes, provide feedback, and more. Included at no cost with their Enterprise service level, an additional fee at Club and Automate levels, and unavailable at the Basic level.

Climb Manager


Outdoor guidebooks are now available with KAYA Pro subscriptions, including Steven Jeffery’s official Joe’s Valley Bouldering Guide. The app provides verified GPS coordinates, interactive topos, location and climb details, and beta videos―all available offline as well. Subscriptions are $59.99/year.



KinetiK’s recently upgraded MicroNewton 4.0 is a 36″x30″x3″ accessory bouldering pad, designed to attach directly to their KiloNewton or Newton. $111



Moon just released their Cirrus Crash Pad. With an open size of 200x120x2cm, it’s designed for use over the top of multiple pads to cover gaps, fill holes, or use where a thick pad isn’t needed. The pad folds into four to fit inside most full-sized pads, has two grab handles, and has aluminum buckles. £160.00



The new Sand-It Skincare Kits are packed with tools to extend your climbing session. The case exterior is a sanding surface, and inside compartments hold nail clippers, super glue, a razor blade, and their Salve-It climbing balm made with all-natural ingredients. $24.95


The Power Company

The Power Company’s latest course, Coaching for Mastery, trains coaches to help climbers get better, not just stronger. A combination of instructional videos, a printable course guide, access to academic papers, and lists of resources brings over a decade of Kris Hampton’s experience together. Optional 10-week collaborative mentorship group. Starts at $129.

The Power Company

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