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Since its inception in 2014, the Grip List has been informing the climbing gym industry and the routesetting trade on the favorite grips of routesetters around the world. Beyond the data, behind every Grip List award is ultimately the hard work of teams of shapers, setters and other professionals at climbing hold companies, and we’re proud to celebrate the fruits of their labor with you each year.

This year’s Grip List Survey methodology functioned similarly to past year’s, with professional setters―those who get paid to set―determining the Setter’s Choice awards, and all setters responding to the survey deciding the People’s Choice and Homewall awards.

As in recent years, setters ranked their first, second and third favorite brands for the Setter’s Choice and People’s Choice votes. A vote for first favorite earned that brand 5 points, second 4 points and third 3 points, with the sum of all the points becoming that brand’s total vote. This methodology originated from veteran shaper Ty Foose and aims to provide a better representation of brand popularity among setters versus a single brand vote. The Homewall votes, however, were handled plainly as in years past, with every vote counting as one.

Below is a flowchart which illustrates the methodology used to determine this year’s awards, as well as the geographical distribution of the votes and the complete results for all brands who earned at least 1% of the vote. The voting results from the CBJ Grip Showcase, which took place last May at The Front South Main in Salt Lake City, are also listed below.

Congratulations again to the winners of the 2022 Grip List awards!

2022 Grip List Methodology

Geographic Distribution

Setter's Choice

All-Time Favorite Holds

Favorite Fiberglass Macros

Favorite Wood Volumes

Favorite Board System

Favorite Routesetting App

People's Choice

Favorite Homewall Holds

Favorite Homewall Volumes

Favorite Homewall Board System

Favorite Homewall App

2022 CBJ Grip Showcase

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