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In the first-ever Homewall Board System vote, Ben Moon’s classic MoonBoard—which also comes with the free MoonBoard app—was deemed the favorite for homewalls. (All images courtesy of Moon)

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MOON Awards 2021

  • 1st Place – Favorite Homewall Board System

Honorable Mentions 2021

  • 2nd Place – Favorite Board System

2021 marks the first year of the Favorite Homewall Board System award. The Moonboard—a tried and true classic of climbing training boards—outpaced others to claim the crown amongst homewallers worldwide.

The Moonboard offers versatility and technology at a reasonable price-point. Ben Moon, the man behind the design, is an avid climber and legendary pioneer of climbing training methods and innovation. His designs offer a wide range of versatility for those looking to improve their climbing specific strength. “[The Moonboard has] over 100K active users, over 90K problems across 6 different setups, with the option to climb at 25 and 40 degrees, plus a free MoonBoard app loaded with features,” says Moon, who includes both wooden and plastic holds for his boards. “Moreover, it’s a lot of fun to climb on!”

A closer look at some of the holds on the MoonBoard, which includes both plastic and wood varieties.

As 2021 has brought further stutter-steps in the industry, the Moonboard has continued to be a sought-after home training tool. “Before Covid-19 hit we had been struggling to meet demand for the MoonBoard, and the worldwide closure of climbing gyms just super charged this demand,” says Moon. “It’s taken a while to get on top of all the back orders the pandemic created, but we are now in a position where we can ship most orders within a few days of receiving them.”

This year, Moon has been working on new wooden hold sets that will allow further board setups, including 50/50 or 40/60 plastic/wood setups. Many users referenced both the affordable price point of the MoonBoard as well as the smaller sizing—both important aspects to consider for homewalls. “They are very affordable and have a huge selection on problems in the database,” says homewaller Jacob Bice. And as Anthony Brendosz, director of Routesetting at Adventure Rock Climbing Gym concisely puts it, “Most fun, most boulders, best app.”

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