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    The Gym Manager manages gym operations and gym staff to ensure a high level of customer service and membership retention. They ensure a positive and efficient work environment throughout the entire facility. This includes overseeing staff scheduling and daily duties, implementing onboarding and training, managing employee productivity, and processing disciplinary action. The Gym Managers will also provide coaching and training for the Assistant Gym Managers and the Front Desk Shift Leads on the team. The Gym Manager will report to the General Manager of The Front.


    Front Desk Operations:

    Have a deep understanding of Front Desk duties, including managing daily desk operations, customer service, sales, and daily cleaning duties.
    Spend dedicated time at the front desk to model customer-centric expectations, ensuring staff members observe and learn best practices firsthand.
    Serve as a role model for productivity and positive work culture, inspiring team members to excel.
    Assist in the organization and facilitation of large-scale events, promotions, and operational adjustments and communicate plan to gym managers and front desk staff.
    Leadership and Customer-Centric Role Model:

    Lead by example in demonstrating exceptional customer-centric service, work ethic, and operational adherence.
    Take part in daily and bi-weekly check-in meetings with Front Desk Shift Leads and Gym Management team to coordinate work completion.
    Proactively identify areas for improvement in customer service and operational processes, and work with teams to implement effective solutions.
    Regularly interact with members to gather feedback and insights, using this information to refine and personalize the club’s service offerings.
    Create and maintain an atmosphere that motivates and supports staff, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in delivering top-tier customer service.
    Actively participate in strategic planning sessions to align customer service goals with the club’s overall objectives.
    Develop and enforce high standards of customer service, ensuring consistency and quality in every member interaction.
    Support different departments in launching initiatives that enhance overall customer satisfaction and streamline operations.
    Regularly review and update Front Desk procedures to ensure they remain customer-focused and operationally efficient.
    Oversee the management of customer feedback, ensuring timely responses and action on suggestions and complaints.
    Enhancing Sales Culture at the Front Desk

    Encourage the front desk team to naturally integrate sales conversations into their interactions with members, focusing on the benefits and features of products and services.
    Lead by example in demonstrating how to effectively engage with members, highlighting how to incorporate sales elements into everyday conversations.
    Create a supportive environment where front desk staff feel comfortable exploring sales opportunities and seeking advice or guidance when needed.
    Ensure all front desk staff are familiar with the full range of products and services, enabling them to answer member queries effectively.
    Ensure that the sales approach adopted by the front desk aligns with The Front’s overall values and commitment to member satisfaction.
    Provide clear direction and constructive feedback to Front Desk Staff, Front Desk Shift Leads, and Assistant Gym Managers on performance.
    Utilize and upkeep Skills Matrix to track employee performance. Refine during biannual review process and 30/60/90-day check-ins.
    Conduct bi-annual reviews for Front Desk Shift Leads and Assistant Gym Managers to evaluate their performance, discuss career development, and set goals for improvement.
    Monitor and document individual and team staff performance, including promotions and disciplinary actions.
    Complaint Resolution and Issue Handling:

    Handle escalated complaints and incidents from Front Desk Staff, particularly those requiring management discretion.
    Collaborate with the Human Resources (HR) department to address staff complaints and issues, ensuring fair and effective resolution.
    Address maintenance issues by coordinating with the Facilities Manager to ensure prompt and appropriate repairs and improvements.
    Oversee safety concerns by working closely with Risk Managers to implement safety protocols and procedures.
    Manage cleanliness concerns by working with Front Desk Teams to ensure daily cleaning duties and standards are met.
    Ensure timely and appropriate resolution of all types of issues, maintaining a safe and pleasant environment for gym members and staff.
    Operational Oversight and Resource Development:

    Review daily reports submitted by Front Desk Shift Leads and Assistant Gym Managers to provide feedback and guidance.
    Ensure operational consistency, collaborating with other managers and confirming best practices are followed.
    Continually develop department tools and resources to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
    Take ownership of needed team and facility improvements through professional, creative proposals and feedback.
    Advocate and implement environmentally sustainable practices within gym operations, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.
    Recruitment and Hiring:

    Collaborate with senior management to develop a strategic workforce plan, identifying staffing needs based on gym growth projections, seasonality, and evolving member preferences.

    Work with HR and department heads to identify ongoing training and development needs for staff members, ensuring continuous skill improvement.
    Works closely with the Human Resources Department to establish and maintain a talent pipeline, including potential candidates for future positions, to streamline future recruitment efforts.
    Assist in the establishment a feedback loop with hiring managers, HR, and department heads to continuously refine the hiring process based on feedback and outcomes.
    Long-Term Planning and Development:

    Continually develop department tools and resources.
    Participate in the Biannual and Yearly planning process on behalf of the Gym Management department.
    Identify opportunities for expansion or facility improvements.
    Additional Responsibilities:

    Undertake any other duties and tasks as assigned by senior management to contribute to the overall success and growth of the climbing gym.


    Bachelor’s degree preferred; work experience can substitute for the degree;
    Minimum of four years of customer service or hospitality experience;
    Minimum of two years of people management experience;
    Knowledge of Rock Gym Pro software preferred;
    Sales experience preferred;
    Ability to work nights and weekends;
    Strong planning, time management, and organizational skills;
    A proven track record of successfully leading and motivating diverse teams;
    A superior level of member service and conflict resolution skills;
    Ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment;
    Ability and desire to learn indoor climbing safety procedures;
    Ability and desire to learn indoor climbing safety procedures and develop climbing instructional expertise through in-house training requirements;
    First Aid/CPR certification required upon hire;
    Utah Alcohol certification required upon hire;
    Proficient in MS Office including Excel & Outlook;
    Be able to collaborate and innovate as a means to create exceptional value for our members, our company, and ourselves.

    Job Hazards

    This position is exposed to airborne chalk, dust, and cleaning supplies. Other hazards include falling while providing instruction or demonstration and trips and falls caused by obstacles on the ground such as ropes and climbing gear and slippery surfaces after they have been cleaned.

    Salary $55,000 – $65,000 DEO

    Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, PTO, and more


    For more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below. Please DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website.

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