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    A Gym Manager leads and develops their team through Sender One’s Core Values and drives the overall vision and financial success of their location. As a leader and coach, the Bouldering Gym Manager ensures their team creates an outstanding experience for everyone who walks through our doors.


    Operational Strategy Development and Execution:

    • Responsible for their gym’s operational and financial performance;
    • Develop and execute strategic plans for their location, aligning the location’s goals with overall company strategy;
    • Execute against a budget with specified revenue, expense, and profit;
    • Manage location Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reviewing results and implementing corrective actions as needed;
    • Integrate all departments into a single gym location — including Customer Experience, Adult & Youth Programming, Yoga & Fitness, Retail, Marketing, Route Setting, Risk & Safety, Facilities, Member Services, Human Resources, and Training & Development;
    • Execute location’s marketing strategy in collaboration with the Brand Marketing team regarding outreach, location-specific marketing, Pro Shop updates and/or changes and any local gym & large events.

    Team Leadership:

    • Build and sustain a staff and community culture at their location that aligns with Sender One’s core values, purpose, and brand promise;
    • Motivate, inspire, and develop their gym staff through a culture of accountability;
    • Set clear performance expectations, goals, and objectives for each team member;
    • Conduct regular performance reviews and provide coaching to enhance team effectiveness.

    Operational Oversight:

    • Oversee all hiring, onboarding, and training needs for their location;
    • Create and manage the monthly staff schedule;
    • Respond to customer feedback received through reviews, surveys, emails, phone calls, and in-person interactions using the “Hug Your Haters” philosophy;
    • Remove obstacles and barriers for the team;
    • Attend weekly operations meetings to inform and collaborate with other managers on company changes, updates, and/or stucks at Sender One and collaborate with them to achieving set goals;
    • Collaborate with Employee Experience and the Training & Development departments to schedule and provide ongoing training and up-to-date certifications;
    • Collaborate with Risk & Safety and Facilities Managers to ensure their gym location is abiding by all safety guidelines set forth by Sender One.


    • An experienced and trusted advisor for staff who discovers & connects with others;
    • Delegate and communicate with staff clearly and respectfully;
    • Passionate about climbing, working with kids, and instructing;
    • Ability to harness imagination and find novel approaches to overcome challenges;
    • Willingness to learn and grow from challenges, seeing tasks through to completion;
    • Open to receiving & providing feedback, guidance, insight, assistance, and perspective in a professional manner;
    • Work with a team, provide support to fellow team members, share ideas, and earn trust;
    • Take initiative and have the drive to grow professionally.


    • Proven experience in leadership and management, typically demonstrated from 1+ years in a supervisory or managerial role;
    • Top rope & lead belay and climbing experience;
    • Experience coaching and instructing;
    • Knowledge of Google Suite – Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Drive, etc.;
    • Knowledge of Paycom & interviewing experience;
    • Knowledge of Rock Gym Pro reporting & data handling;
    • Knowledge of Basecamp.

    Time Commitment:

    • Full-time, 40+ hours per work week (Sun – Sat);
    • This position is based at the gym’s location, and will periodically travel to other locations;
    • Must be fully available to work weekends when needed for special events, training, shadows etc. (Sat & Sun);
    • Must be able to work certain morning, night, and alternate weekend day shifts depending on business and/or operational needs;
    • May be required to respond to emergencies requiring immediate attention;
    • Must be able to attend weekly, monthly, and quarterly department and/or gym meetings.

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

    • Net Ordinary Income;
    • Average Daily Check Ins;
    • Staff Net Promoter Score;
    • Gym Net Promoter Score;
    • Active Membership Count.
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