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    A Facilities Supervisor is someone who is passionate about improving the look and feel of the facility. Facilities Supervisors are adaptive, organized, and manage their time effectively on multiple facility projects.


    • Expert on all the responsibilities of a Facilities Specialist;
    • Has overall responsibility for the general upkeep and maintenance of a single Sender One facility;
    • Oversees ongoing execution of services & maintenance such as cleaning, equipment maintenance, heating/air conditioning, etc;
    • Finding and implementing improvements on methods of maintenance and inspection tasks.
    • Supervise all staff facilities staff (custodians, technicians, groundskeepers etc.) and external contractors
    • Acts as the key point of accountability for any ongoing facilities/maintenance projects that do not fall within the responsibilities of Sender One’s Construction Manager;
    • Maintain all current policies and procedures concerned with customer facing cleanliness and sanitation including but not limited to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE);
    • Take initiative to help the team progress to our shared purpose – discover ourselves and connect with others through climbing;
    • Work closely with the Company Risk & Safety team to ensure the facilities meet or exceed risk, accessibility, and state compliance standards;
    • Work closely with the Customer Experience department to lend help during unforeseen high-traffic periods;
    • Investigate incidents and coordinate efforts with the Risk & Safety team to implement, develop, and improve Risk & Safety policies and procedures;
    • Update and track the incident tracking database;
    • Manage facility inspections, equipment inventory, and the replacement of protective equipment.


    • Passionate about climbing, maintenance, and instructing;
    • Solves problems and thinks fast on their feet;
    • Adapts to overcome challenges;
    • Able to learn new skills on the job;
    • Work well in both an individual and a collaborative environment;
    • Communicate effectively;
    • Keep yourself and others accountable;
    • Able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs;
    • Take initiative without prompting;
    • Works efficiently with attention to detail;
    • Thinks independently and creatively;
    • Keeps workspace clean and organized;
    • Functions at a high level in stressful situations;
    • Embraces change when necessary and manages it when it comes.

    Industry Experience:

    • Able to troubleshoot and resolve minor electrical and/or plumbing issues like: swapping light ballasts, light switches, electrical outlets, clearing sink or toilet clogs, changing flush valves, and changing wax rings;
    • Ability to use a variety of tools and equipment necessary to maintaining and/or improving  the facility including hand tools and power tools;
    • Can perform patch and paint of drywall;
    • Valid driver’s license and insurance;
    • Travel to other locations for meetings and/or other job related duties;
    • At least one year of leadership experience;
    • Top rope & lead belay climbing experience;
    • Knowledge of Google Suite – Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Drive, etc.;
    • Knowledge of Rock Gym Pro software;
    • Knowledge of Basecamp;
    • Experience coaching and instructing.

    Time Commitment:

    • Must be able to work a minimum of 32-40 hours per work week;
    • Must be available to work mornings during weekdays;
    • Meet with the Sender One Facility Manager once a week;
    • Meet with the Gym Manager once a week;
    • Must be able to attend the Mandatory All Staff Quarterly meetings.

    Key Performance Indicators:

    • Cleanliness Customer Satisfaction Score;
    • Task Resolution Time;
    • Task Completion Rates;
    • Non-payroll Costs.

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