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    Edgeworks Climbing


    To be the innovative leader of indoor climbing, outdoor adventure, and fitness for the active community.


    To provide exceptional customer experiences focused on climbing and fitness that challenge and inspire an active lifestyle.



    A welcoming group of climbing enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and friends connecting through our shared interests in climbing, fitness and fun.


    A focus on excellence; from staff training, accreditation, and program development to facility offerings, partnerships, and everything in between; going above and beyond to deliver quality experiences and knowledgeable staff.


    A commitment to do what we say and stay true to our word, ourselves, our goals, and our community.


    Our motivation for all things; providing the inspiration, the instruction, the venue, and the excitement to help everyone achieve their goals – inside the gym and outside.

    General Summary:

    Primarily responsible for all youth programs operations, including development, scheduling, oversight, and evaluation.   The Youth Programs Manager reports directly to the Operations Manager and the Director of Youth Programs and works in collaboration with the rest of the management team to grow and maintain our youth climbing programs.  As a supervisor, the Youth Programs Manager provides training, mentorship, and opportunities for growth to our team of Youth Instructors. Our goal is to provide the highest quality experience possible for all students, from beginners to our advanced Team competitors.

     Core Functions:

    • Ensure that the overall Youth Programming curriculum is consistent and facilitates growth for youth climbers across all programs.
    • Act as the key contact for Youth Programs.
    • Coordinate staffing and training of Youth Program instructors.
    • Develop and nurture new and existing relationships with program families.
    • Handle customer requests for all exceptions regarding youth programs.
    • Supervise, monitor and report programming effectiveness.

    Principal Activities:


    • Key contact for youth program customers including customer service issues.
    • Responsible for developing, updating and reviewing curricula.
    • Coordinate supervision, training and evaluation of youth instructors.
    • Lead quarterly youth program instructor meetings to ensure that youth programming aligns with company mission and vision.
    • Manage youth program waitlists.
    • Facilitate climber transitions between programs.
    • Review and report effectiveness of current or future programs.
    • Schedule instruction staff for youth programs.
    • Fill in for shifts that may need to be covered.


    • Plan and coordinate competition attendance, outdoor climbing days, fundraisers and special events for youth programs.
    • Review and report effectiveness of current or future program offerings.


    • Plan and review budgets specific to youth programs and events.
    • Operate within yearly budget.
    • Contribute to yearly budget planning.


    • Direct Supervisor of the entire indoor portion of the camp.
    • Hires, trains and schedules staff.
    • Provides resources and support when needed.


    • Minimum 2 years related programming experience.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    • Experienced and proven team contributor.
    • Available to attend and coordinate important events (weekdays, weeknights, and weekends).
    • Advanced indoor rock climbing knowledge and experience.
    • Familiar with USAC climbing competitions and rules.

    Employment Status, Compensation and Benefits: 

    • Administrative responsibilities of ~25hrs/wk
      • Admin responsibilities can be combined with coaching/instruction or work in other departments for a Full-Time position
      • Youth Programs wage of $27.57/hr
    • Comprehensive medical, dental, & vision insurance plan options
    • Paid time off
    • Retirement Benefits
    • Free gym membership
    • Industry Benefits/Perks

    To apply for this job please visit edgeworks.bamboohr.com.

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