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    Job Qualifications

    • Minimum 5 years of extensive climbing experience in multiple disciplines at an advanced level, including both indoor and outdoor bouldering and sport climbing
    • Ability to provide quality, informed coaching on climbs up to 5.14 and V11
    • Minimum 2 years of experience coaching a competitive youth climbing team that was involved in the USA Climbing competition circuit
    • 2+ years of personal competition experience on the USA Climbing youth or professional circuit since 2015 or equivalent knowledge of modern competition climbing
    • Possession or active pursuance of the requirements to be a USA Climbing Certified Coach (currently up to date CPR/First Aid/AED, and SafeSport Training Program completion)
    • Extensive knowledge and experience with the USA Climbing rulebook, competition formats, and operational procedures
    • Experience writing and implementing coaching curricula for large programs (20 participants or larger), as well as individualized training plans for elite-level athletes (climbing 5.13/V9 or above)
    • A passion for working with kids ages 6-18
    • Strong communication and organizational skills

    Job Duties

    • Articulate a mission statement and core values for Team Ascent that are in line with the mission and values of the Ascent Studio Youth Instructional Program
    • Attend and oversee all Team Ascent practices, or secure coverage when travel or other life events prevent practice attendance
    • Design and implement training programs for both the Comp and Prep levels of Team Ascent
    • Provide individualized training plans for Team Ascent athletes when applicable
    • Design, enforce, and continuously improve a qualification process for selecting members of the Comp and Prep levels of Team Ascent
    • Implement and enforce coaching practices that emphasize the physical and emotional health and safety of all Team Ascent athletes
    • Travel with qualifying Team Ascent athletes to local, Regional, Divisional, and National level competitions
    • Maintain a healthy relationship with all other Front Range climbing team programs, and actively pursue opportunities for collaboration that benefit Team Ascent athletes
    • Maintain a constant line of communication with Team Ascent parents and athletes, and distribute all relevant information regarding practices, team events, and competitions
    • Communicate regularly with individual Team Ascent athletes and parents regarding athlete performance and progression
    • Stay up to date with modern training research pertaining to climbing and youth athletic development
    • Pursue professional coaching development opportunities on a personal level, with the support of Ascent Studio Climbing & Fitness
    • Play an active role in the hiring process of the Team Ascent coaching staff
    • Help develop the Team Ascent coaching staff on a professional level, with the support of the Director of Programming
    • Communicate the needs of Team Ascent with the Director of Programming, and ensure that those needs are met in a timely manner
    • Communicate with the Director of Programming and the Youth Coordinator to ensure that Team Ascent functions as an independent but integrated unit within the Ascent Studio Youth Instructional Program
    • Communicate the setting-specific seasonal needs of Team Ascent with the Head Setter, and ensure that those needs are met in a timely manner
    • Be the face of Ascent Studio

    Weeknight and Weekend availability is required.

    Pay Range: $20/hr to $25/hr

    Please send a cover letter and resume to: hiring@AscentStudio.com

    Direct any questions to: andrew.lee@AscentStudio.com

    To apply for this job email your details to hiring@AscentStudio.com

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