Evo Breaks Ground in Golden

From left to right: Founder and Co-Owner of EVO Rock + Fitness, Hilary Harris, Mayor of Golden Colorado, Marjorie Sloan, Co-Owner of EVO Rock + Fitness, Clint Dillard, Co-Owner of EVO Rock + Fitness, Stephen Price, Owner of Kodiak Real Estate Group, Hunter Moore

EVO Rock + Fitness, with locations in Louisville, CO; Portland, ME and Concord, NH broke ground with Kodiak Real Estate Group for their next location in Golden, Colorado this past Monday, April 8th . The gym will be a bouldering only facility featuring training boards, creative routesetting, a personable crew and an inclusive vibe.

With industry trends leaning towards building larger facilities across the nation, EVO wants to doing something different. An architect by trade, founder Hilary Harris said “There seems to be a tipping point somewhere in the scale of a gym where the intimate community feel climbers are drawn to gets lost in the largeness. We wanted to try out something different, go back to our roots, and see if we could not recreate that in a smaller gym.”

The Golden location will be just under 11,000 square feet. Members will have the option to use the larger facility in Louisville if they are looking for more extensive terrain and offerings.

EVO Bouldering – Golden is aiming to open in the winter of 2020.

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