Alumina Media Announces Launch of SportClimber Media Network and SportClimber Magazine, a North American Media Hub promoting Competitive Youth Indoor Rock Climbing

image of sport climber mag

image of sport climber mag

Dallas, TX March 6th, 2023  – Alumina Media Group today announced the launch of a new climbing industry publication and digital media platform. SportClimber Media Network and SportClimber Magazine is the North American Media Hub for competitive youth indoor rock climbing. SportClimber offers a single source news outlet to bouldering, lead and speed climbing news and digital media.

“We are so excited to introduce SportClimber to the rock climbing community,” says Mitch Hagy, owner and founder at Alumina Media Group. “SportClimber was created to fill a need of the exploding competitive indoor rock climbing scene that is seeking information about its athletes, competitions, gyms and brands.”

SportClimbing Media Network’s website and news platform went live the first of the year and features climbing news articles and information on climbing gyms, competition results and rankings, gear and equipment reviews and much more. SportClimber Magazine published its first issue in January showcasing some of the young, up and coming North American talent and is available as a monthly publication. For more information on available subscription options visit

About SportClimber: SportClimber Media Network seeks to answer the following challenges:

  1. There is limited media coverage of the top North American elite, youth athletes let alone those who participate in qualifying events, regionals, divisional and nationals competitions.
  2. Support groups within the industry that lend to the success of competitions and the growth of climbing have been underserved with media support and promotion.
  3. The funding and financial support of US athletes by sanctioning bodies, corporations and individuals other than the parents, is limited compared to other countries around the world. SportClimber Media Network exists to meet some of these challenges and more while advancing the sport of indoor rock climbing.

Inquires can be made to Mitch Hagy at 817-703-3110 @sportclimber

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