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The goal of this article is to introduce the MyClimb app for climbers and MyClimb’s Climbing Gym Platform. Stay tuned for a series of articles with more in depth information on both the MyClimb app and MyClimb’s Climbing Gym Platform.

What is MyClimb and How Did MyClimb Start?

The MyClimb app is the brainchild of Bill Brooks, the founder of MyClimb. Bill started climbing when he was five years old and was instantly hooked. The idea for creating MyClimb was planted when Bill took a long cross country road trip in his truck, which was stuffed with trad, sport, ice gear and bouldering pads. The concept behind MyClimb is to track where you have been, what you have climbed and stay in touch with all of the climbers who you have met along the way!

Climbers can log and track their indoor climbing, sport climbing, bouldering, traditional and ice climbing in the MyClimb app. MyClimb’s social features and climbing partner finder help build community around gyms and climbing areas as well as a global climbing community.

Over the last three years, climbers from 97 countries have logged over 1 million climbs in 2,961 gyms, and 3,952 outdoor climbing areas. The MyClimb community has also forged friendships around the world with climbers sharing photos, giving updates on outdoor conditions, and sharing training tips and encouragement.

What is MyClimb’s Climbing Gym Platform?

MyClimb’s Climbing Gym Platform offers gyms a suite of tools to engage their members and tools to optimize and organize Route Setting Management.

Analytics through the app assist in informing route setting decisions. Through the app, climbers can submit written feedback to route setters or vote on grade accuracy and the quality of the climbs. Route Setters can also track which climbs or areas of the gym are the most popular, as well as what grades people are actually climbing in your gym.

To help create community, gyms can also run fun Challenges, as simple as who can do 100 climbs this month, to more complex events.

Learn more about MyClimb’s Gym Platform and MyClimb at www.MyClimbgym.com

Contact MyClimb:

Download MyClimb on the Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myclimb/id925359604?mt=8

Download MyClimb on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myclimb&hl=en


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