New Certified Speed Hold Manufacturer

Speed climbing
USA international athlete Kyra Condie races at the Speed World Cup in Chamonix in July. © IFSC / Eddie Fowke
USA international athlete Kyra Condie races at the Speed World Cup in Chamonix in July. © IFSC / Eddie Fowke

The IFSC recently announced the appointment of Volx Climbing as the new IFSC Certified Speed Hold Manufacturer. Volx, based in France, specializes in the production of climbing holds and volumes which the company describes as “inspired by nature, pure movement and design.”

According to the IFSC Speed License Rules, certified speed climbing holds are the only holds accepted for speed world record attempts and the certified speed hold manufacturer is set for a period of two years. Volx replaces previously certified manufacturer Planet’Roc, which held the official designation for two terms (since June 2015) before declaring bankruptcy in early 2019. Speed holds purchased from Planet’Roc from 2015 onwards will continue to remain valid as certified speed holds.

After Planet’Roc won the designation in 2015, the new certified speed holds differed from previous versions. The company applied a unique thermoforming technique during the production process in order to ensure more rigorous reproducibility. As a former sub-contractor of Planet’Roc, the IFSC assures that certified speed climbing holds of Volx will not differ from the current version:

“This appointment aims to ensure the continuity of hold quality and supply for major Sport Climbing events over the coming year, thus also safeguarding the needs of our athletes and Member Federations. As a sub-contractor for Planet Roc, athletes can expect no difference in the production and quality (shape and texture) of Speed Holds produced by Volx Climbing.”

Volx speed holds can be purchased by completing the pre-order form. The order form includes an option to purchase speed holds in other colors than red. While not valid for speed world record attempts, the colored holds are produced with full compliance to certified speed hold specifications.

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