The Cliffs Must Shut Doors

Photo: The Cliffs at LIC
Photo: The Cliffs at LIC
Photo: The Cliffs at LIC

Three weeks after the controversial climbing gym The Cliffs at LIC opened to the public, they have been forced to close their doors.

According to a post on The Cliffs Facebook page:

Because of a clerical error and a missing TR-8 Form that requires an engineer’s approval of our climbing structure, we have been forced to vacate The Cliffs LIC building.

Our walls have already been approved by the engineer and the form proving this will be faxed Monday morning.

A TR-8 form is a technical report that needs to be filed to demonstrate compliance with all progress concerning inspections and tests required for the related job, in accordance with the New York City Energy Conservation Code.

Cliffs owner, Mike Wolfert ran into trouble with inspectors early on in the building process, allegedly bribing inspectors and council members to expedite a stop work order. Charges have been filed and a court date is scheduled for Nov. 22 2013.

This most recent of glitches will hurt The Cliff’s finances and reputation, and may cause more problems for Wolfert down the line.

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