Stuck In KC Climbing Gym Elevator


The Cave Bouldering gym in Kansas City sits 10 stories underground. Last week, eighteen people were on their way down for an evening session when their elevator suddenly stopped and they had to be rescued.

Walt Clements, acting president and CEO of Dean Realty Co., the company that owns the business park where The Cave is located, told FOX 4 TV station that the group was making its way down to The Cave Bouldering Gym on the bottom level when they became trapped.

Clements believes user error is what caused that to happen. Posted next to the elevator is a sign that reads no more than 6-riders are allowed at once.

Kansas City firefighters said they were told that three people were unconscious, but when crews arrived, they rescued 18 people, who were brought one at a time up a ladder, and given cold water and oxygen.

“The heat can take over pretty quick and you may have some heat cramps, heat strokes, things like that, and that`s what we start getting in dangers of,” KCFD Battalion Chief James Garrett said.

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