Onsite Übergrippen and Vertical Solutions Event


Every month of May, the Climbing Wall Association invites climbing industry professionals, pundits, and leading companies to gather and discuss the state of the climbing gym industry during the Climbing Wall Summit (CWS). This event draws hundreds of existing and potential climbing gym owners, all eager to learn about new tools, products and methods applicable to them running a successful business. One of the best aspects about this event is how it seamlessly blends attendees that are already running successful businesses, with ones currently on the path to opening a new climbing gym.

Climbing Wall Summit sponsor Vertical Solutions knows how important it is to have an open dialog between these two groups of professionals, and this year went as far as to forge this interaction by means of an event directed specifically for that cause: The Onsite Übergrippen Event.

Owned by Jake and Kim Crine, Übergrippen is Denver’s latest modern climbing facility. They are in the final phase of their project slated for completion in the coming month, and this event was held to showcase the hard work it takes to go from concept to grand opening. Vertical Solutions and Übergrippen donned the audience hard-hats, and opened up the discussion for CWS attendees to ask anything about the process Jake and Kim took to get there. The goal was for potential gym owners or in-process gym owners to see an active climbing gym job site and witness insider specifics on how they could achieve the same thing in their own respective markets. It was truly a behind-the-scenes look at an active climbing project that sparked ideas and conversation to benefit attendees’ future projects.

Nobody in this industry got here without help from others, and Vertical Solutions together with Jake and Kim of Übergrippen were ecstatic to have the opportunity to inspire others’ creativity. After all, it was just last year at the CWS 2016 that Jake and Kim were in the same exact shoes of many CWS 2017 attendees. Not that long ago they had many unanswered questions on how to navigate from their existing full-time professional careers to their future as climbing gym entrepreneurs, using products, services, and info gained from the Climbing Wall Summit.

During the event, Jake and Kim opened their doors to the 75 attendees whom were bussed down from the CWS event in Loveland, CO, and gave them their first look at what to expect during their own process. Dinner was served and beer was plentiful during the 2 hour engagement which was capped off with a large thank you to Vertical Solutions for organizing the whole event.

To see more pictures of Übergrippen’s new climbing gym nearing completion and event photos from that night, head over to the Vertical Solutions Blog Page to view the gallery and to read more comments about the event.


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