One Gym Closes, Another Opens in Utah


Back on May 18th the Rock Haus in Logan, Utah closed its doors after 9 years in business. The 400-member gym was forced to close due to “landlord issues” as reported by a local newspaper, the Herald Journal. Those issues stemmed from a unconfirmed and confusing set of circumstances that ranged from the gym not paying its rent to the landlord simply selling the building.

Elevation Rock Gym.
Elevation Rock Gym.

The Rock Haus was Logan’s only commercial climbing facility and the closure was a huge let down for the climbers of the area. But two of RockHaus’ members, Brian Hestatune and Bradley Kessler, who both attended the Rock Haus frequently, saw an opportunity when they heard the Rock Haus would close.

“As soon as we heard it was closing we started looking for places to open up a climbing gym in Cache Valley,” Kessler told the Utah Statesman. “We were able to get into the same location, which just made sense because the walls were already there.”

The gym will open in the same building as the old Rock Haus, but will now be called Elevation Rock Gym. The owners plan to expand the amenities at the gym to include yoga classes and fitness equipment, which will be ready next year.

Elevation Rock Gym will open its doors this December 1st. “Climbing has positively impacted my life in many ways and I’m happy to bring a climbing gym back to Logan,” Kessler told the Herald Journal. “I want people to come in regardless of age, ability, prior exposure to the sport to feel welcomed, they belong here and they can have a good time; maybe make their lives better in a small way.”

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