New Website For USA Climbing


Screenshot from the new USAC website.
Screenshot from the new USAC website.

From Press Release:
USA Climbing, the United States National Governing Body for the sport of competition climbing announced today that it is currently in the process of transitioning to a new website.

“Much like last year’s rebranding effort, a new website has been at the top of our “to-do list” for many years,” said USA Climbing CEO Kynan Waggoner. “Due to the support of a very generous donor and a long relationship with the folks at the Active Network, we now have a website and technology platform that is going to support our needs now and in the future.”

During the transition period, USA Climbing will be running and testing the new website at, but will continue to run the old website at while we work through some potential bugs with membership and the online scoring functionality over the next few weeks. All pertinent data will continue to be posted to both websites while we make the full transition to the new website. If you have specific feedback about the new website, please email with your thoughts.