New Kilter Board Adjustable Wall From LEMUR

Lemur Design compact adjustable Kilter Board

Lemur Design compact adjustable Kilter Board

In 2018, climbing industry leader Kilter partnered with aerospace engineer Abel Chouinard’s climbing wall company Lemur Design to release the original adjustable Kilter Board wall. Kilter went on to win the “Favorite Board System” award in a survey of routesetters conducted by Climbing Business Journal in 2021. Following the original wall, over the years Kilter and Lemur extended the wall size collection to offer the biggest range of adjustable walls in the world.

The main features of Lemur Design Kilter Boards are:

  • Incomparable wall stability for a best-in-class climbing experience
  • Simple push-button adjustability
  • Precise, clean electronic actuators
  • Specially developed panel coating for quality and longevity
  • 1-inch-high quality hardwood panels for the best durability and rigidity.
  • Integrated CNC design for LED light system and hold orientation helps with faster and easier installation and maintenance
  • 360˚ light up climbing holds are aesthetically pleasing and make climbing more intuitive
  • Unique, ergonomic climbing holds shaped by Ian Powell for comfort and long sessions

All together this makes the most inclusive training wall with the most pleasant training experience and accessibility to climbers of all abilities – meaning your entire customer base can enjoy climbing on the same wall!

We are proud of our products, and as we endeavor to maintain only the highest standards, we continue to ask ourselves how we can improve and make our walls even better. After months of investment and testing, Lemur’s lead engineer came up with several ideas for improvement all based on one common thread–simplicity.

We are pleased to announce our new commercial product line featuring several updated wall design features that will soon be incorporated in all of our wall sizes.

This new compact design can be summarized in 3 main points:

The full-length piano hinge

  • Side feet are now located completely inside the back wall
  • Allows us to reduce the general structure without losing rigidity and stability

Space optimization

  • Reduced height of the back structure from 134in to 50 inches
  • Reduced the width of the back structure from 48in to 17 inches

Transportation friendly

  • Reduced shipping cost
  • Reduced weight from 2400 lbs to 1700 lbs
  • Now to be shipped on two 4×8 feet pallets that can be stacked

These changes will give future owners the maximum flexibility when planning for their investment. We believe the simplicity of this new design will become a benchmark and will open new possibilities for climbing gym design.

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Lemur Design compact adjustable Kilter Board

Lemur Design compact adjustable Kilter Board

Lemur Design compact adjustable Kilter Board hinge

This press release was written by the sponsor and does not represent the views of the Climbing Business Journal editorial team.