New Colorado Gym Plans to “Connect the Indoors with the Outside”

Aerial view of Übergrippen Castle Rock
The new Castle Rock location of Übergrippen, originally based in Denver, will be a suburban hub with easy access to outdoor climbing options. (Photo courtesy of Übergrippen)

Übergrippen Castle Rock
Castle Rock, Colorado

Specs: Purpose-built 17,600-square-foot facility will span two floor levels and offer a mix of climbing (bouldering, roped, speed). A yoga studio, a fitness gym, and a retail shop will also be included within the gym building. Particularly large facility windows and overhead doors will allow the facility to “connect the indoors with the outside,” and a “backyard” area will include an outdoor traverse wall, slack lines, and a large lawn and patio section.

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The Castle Rock location is intentionally similar to Übergrippen’s Denver location, in which the gym will be an “indoor crag” residing in a residential subdivision that also has quick and easy access to a major Interstate. The managing owners of Übergrippen Castle Rock will be Matt Leach and Christine Ritenour, while Übergrippen founders, Jake and Kim Crine, will handle the new gym’s business administration.

“Together we hope to take our talents, strengths, and passion to make our newest crag a hub of Castle Rock life,” Jake Crine tells CBJ. “Übergrippen’s growth allows us to leverage the great brand and programs we have worked the past four years to build in our Denver location. We hope Castle Rock has the same success we have had growing our Denver climbing community with a strong emphasis on education and training for both adults and youth.”

The target opening date for Übergrippen Castle Rock is October 1st, 2021.

The new Übergrippen gym under construction
Of particular note is Castle Rock’s planned backyard area, which will offer climbing and fitness options to complement the indoor accoutrements. (Photo courtesy of Übergrippen)

Designer: Ohlson Lavoie Corporation
Walls and Flooring: Vertical Solutions
CRM Software: Rock Gym Pro
Instagram: @ubergrippen

In Their Words: “Castle Rock was chosen as we saw the town as a great fit for the Übergrippen brand with similarities to our location in the Central Park neighborhood in Denver. Castle Rock is a suburban community midway between Denver and Colorado Springs, with a large population of active families. Castle Rock has extensive access to nearby climbing (Castlewood Canyon and South Platte), mountain and road biking, and hiking trails. Castle Rock also is home to the new Arapahoe Community College Strum Campus, which is a collaboration with Colorado State University offering both two-year and four-year degree programs—and has a new large hospital; both of these are within one mile of the new Übergrippen facility. Castle Rock is a town of 65,000 people with 100,000 people within a 15-minute drive of our location.”
—Jake Crine, Owner

Übergrippen Castle Rock rendering
Rendering of what the new Übergrippen facility will look like post-construction. (Image courtesy of OLC)
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