New Collective Seeks to Help Climbing Gyms

The new Crux Collective seeks to help climbing gyms, including Vital Climbing Gym (pictured here)
Bouldering at Vital Climbing Gym’s Bellingham, Washington, location. Photo courtesy of Vital Climbing Gym

An investment group called Crux Collective recently formed and announced its launch. The collective offers “capital, operational support, and marketing and branding insights” to climbing gyms, according to a press release. In essence, the collective provides “strategic business…guidance” to climbing gyms around the country.

The trio behind the collective are Kevin Goradia, Grace Nicholas and Alejandro Navarro. The same executive team previously found success growing the Crux Climbing brand with multiple gym locations in Texas. The collective is also an evolution of Crux Consulting, which formally launched in 2017 after Crux had been silently working with gyms in the U.S. and Mexico.

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“Climbing is inherently a social sport, and we believe that climbing gyms should reflect that sense of community,” said Goradia. “Until now, gyms looking for capital have been forced to turn to corporate entities that could dismantle the gym’s foundational staffing and operations. We invest in gyms with a strong team and culture, serving as an advisor to help sustain and scale their businesses while honoring the integrity of their core visions.”

Coupled with the announcement of the collective’s formation was news that it will invest $2.9 million into Vital Climbing Gym in Brooklyn, New York, and Long Beach Rising in Long Beach, California.

Climbing at Long Beach Rising
Climbing at Long Beach Rising, which together with Vital in Brooklyn will see $2.9 million invested into the gyms by Crux Collective. Photo courtesy of Long Beach Rising

Grayston Leonard, founder of Long Beach Rising, was quoted as saying: “Long Beach Rising has a purposely small footprint to ensure we capture our members’ needs, something larger gyms frankly can’t do. We created a space for young professionals to work remote, build relationships with each other and feel safe. We will use funding from the Crux Collective to expand our offerings and ensure that our space remains representative of our members and their lifestyles.”

David Sacher, co-founder of Vital, stated, “Climbing gyms bring people together—and we need that now more than ever. Climbing gyms started by catering to a niche customer base, but have evolved into important community hubs for the neighborhoods we operate in. We are excited to provide not only great places to climb, but places where people can build lifelong friendships, skills and memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.”

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