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kaya guide header

Having won CBJ’s 2022 Grip List award for Best Routesetting App, KAYA, and our routesetting platform Plastick, are best known for connecting climbers in more than 300 gyms. Recently, we dove head first into developing the best possible resources for climbers looking to venture outdoors. Having already released comprehensive digital guidebooks for popular destinations such as Joe’s Valley, Bishop, Moe’s Valley, Red Rocks, Stone Fort, and Rocktown, amongst others, we’re simplifying the outdoor climbing experience for all users, both veteran and beginner climbers.

With KAYA PRO Guides, you’ll never get lost again. Gone are the days of researching dozens of sites and screen recording beta videos prior to a trip—KAYA streamlines the process with all the information in one place. Poor service? Interactive GPS mapping, beta videos, topos, and descriptions for every problem are all downloadable offline.

Partnering with respected authors and area experts such as Tom Moulin, Steven Jeffery, Dan Beall, Eric Bissell, and Kimbrough Moore ensures the utmost quality and comprehension in our guidebooks. Joining forces with local climbing organizations such as the Joe’s Valley Coalition and the Southeastern Climber’s Coalition makes certain sustainability and longevity are prioritized.

Users can expect to see the Colorado Front Range and alpine areas, the New River Gorge, Ogden, Leavenworth, and Hawaii, amongst many others, in KAYA very shortly! Eager to add your zone to the app? Fill out our guidebook author application form!

If your area is not officially “Verified” in KAYA, our expansive database likely includes whatever problem you are searching for—along with a beta video or two. We encourage users to contribute their own beta videos to the database so that climbers of all sizes can easily find the best solution for them.

KAYA’s Session Log is unparalleled, marrying traditional tracking metrics with a user’s videos to create a complete picture of their journey and progression as a climber. If you already have a logbook with another service, easily import it into KAYA!

Try KAYA PRO and experience the full functionality of our guides with a 3-day free trial!

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