How to Start a Climbing Gym with Vertical Solutions


New must-read guide launched for aspiring climbing gym entrepreneurs

This week, a new document was produced by climbing gym business veterans Vertical Solutions: The Climbing Gym Startup Guide (CGS Guide). Aware that the process of starting a business is notoriously tedious, let alone starting an indoor climbing gym being particularly difficult, the CGS Guide’s aim is to give potential gym owners a single source of curated information relevant to climbing gym entrepreneurship. Preliminary research that would potentially take weeks for an individual to accomplish on his/her own was compiled by Vertical Solutions into one convenient PDF available for customers. The information within is related to five unique categories that every climbing gym owner must master:

  • Business Formation
  • Business Planning
  • Capitalization
  • Site Selection and Development
  • Operations

Each section of the CGS Guide contains an overview of mandatory, as well as optional steps to get from an idea to your grand opening. Not intended to be executed specifically in chapter order, many of the checklist items serve to be acted on concurrently.

An important first step

Efforts to educate early-stage climbing gym owners has been a significant focus for the team at Vertical Solutions in the past couple of years. Having stood by dozens of clients for their grand opening and having contributed to owning & operating multiple gyms on their own, the VS Team has been able to refine their model for success and coach customers through a process unique to each circumstance. That process always starts with the customer doing ample amounts of research to make informed decisions on imperative entrepreneurship topics.

Now with the newly-launched CGS Guide, the legwork to become familiar with these important but common steps is done for them. Each of the five chapters contains a mock checklist of action items, each of which contains brief but informative definitions of the topic, why you should understand it, how it applies to your business, and links to learn more in-depth. This information serves as the baseline research one needs to complete as their first step on the path to gym ownership. Without it, one would be in the dark on a number of important action items, and not have a full understanding of the project scale he/she is about to manage.

Full access comes with consultation

The FULL 19-page CGS Guide is part of a series of research and planning tools exclusively supplied in Vertical Solutions’ Business Consulting (BC) Package. As a free download available to anyone, the VS Team has made a content-limited version (LITE version) that illustrates the comprehensiveness of the full offering while still keeping 50% of the information and recommendations exclusive to clients in their Business Consulting program. To access this free download, head over to the VS Climbing website. The CGS Guide LITE supplies an aspiring gym-owner with much of the preliminary info he/she will need to get started as well as crucial topics to consider while becoming an entrepreneur.

When someone decides it is time to take the next step and invest in professional guidance along their path to gym ownership, the Vertical Solutions BC Package picks up right where the CGS Guide LITE leaves off, and starts a new dialog with the VS Team on your specific vision and ideas, to help you deliver a winning business and financial plan long before your doors open. To learn more about Vertical Solutions offerings including the ones mentioned here, head over to the VS Climbing website.


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