Head Rush Technologies Announces New UK Office

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trublue imageLouisville, CO – October 26, 2022 – Head Rush Technologies (Head Rush), a global leader in the engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of climbing and adventure equipment, is launching a new branch in Sheffield, England, a major hub for rock climbing and mountaineering in the United Kingdom.

Head Rush UK will be led by longtime climbing industry professional, Nate McMullan. Since 2004, McMullan has worked as the Managing Director of Climbing Wall Services, a provider of climbing wall safety inspections, construction, and equipment distribution headquartered in Sheffield. McMullan is also an extremely qualified Climbing Instructor, a founding member of the Route Setting Association, and currently serves as the Chair of the Association of British Climbing Walls’ Technical Committee.

“The first time I met Nate, I came away extremely impressed by both his technical expertise and his business savvy,” said Lea Ann Zuellig, President and CEO of Head Rush Technologies. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘This is exactly the sort of person I want on my team.’ Only a short while later, that’s exactly what happened, and I’m very excited to have him onboard.”

While manufacturing operations will continue exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Louisville, Colorado, the newly established Head Rush UK office will play a pivotal role in device maintenance and recertification, product distribution, and providing more localized support for the growing network of Head Rush builders, distributers, and service centers located within the UK.

“Based on the current level of demand coming out of the UK, we decided it was time to create a dedicated support team with strong ties in the local community,” said Zuellig. “For decades, Nate has helped establish the tight-knit climbing tradition in Sheffield. He’s a tremendous ambassador for the sport and, I believe, will prove an invaluable asset to our distributors and service centers across the UK.”

Looking beyond improvements in essential day-to-day operations like customer support and maintenance services, McMullan also sees the new branch as an opportunity to establish tighter lines of global communication, including a streamlined feedback loop for product innovation.

“There’s always room for improvement,” said McMullan. “Whether you’re working towards shortening lead times or looking forward to the next product launch, there are always ways to create better experiences for your users and better systems for your business partners. Those are a couple of the goals I’ve decided to set for myself. I’d like to think that, before long, the results will begin to speak for themselves.”

With the establishment of Head Rush UK, the company is also launching new websites to support their UK and EU branches, complete with updated resource pages and translations. Headrushtech.eu is currently live, with content available in English, French, and German, while headrushtech.co.uk is expected to launch in early 2023.

As a part of Head Rush Technologies’ ongoing commitment to safety, Head Rush UK and its leadership team will also be involved in the creation of updated safety regulations for recreational auto belay devices.

“Climbing on auto belay has only come into popularity within the last decade or so,” said McMullan, who, along with the Association of British Climbing Walls (ABC), is championing the new guidance. “Unfortunately, many of the current safety specifications are still based on the original industrial uses for auto belays, rather than for recreational climbing. We’re working to change those requirements, not just here in the UK, but worldwide.”

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About Head Rush Technologies
Based in Louisville, Colorado, Head Rush Technologies is an engineering company and manufacturer of climbing, zip line, and free fall equipment that is on a mission to make adventure experiences more enjoyable for users and to increase ROI for operators. Their patented magnetic braking system has led to the development of best-in-class recreational devices found in facilities worldwide, including the TRUBLUE Auto Belay (the Official Auto Belay of Team USA Climbing), zipSTOP Zip Line Brake, and QuickFlight Free Fall devices. More information is available at www.headrushtech.com.

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