Haut Perché: The Film About The Man Behind DELIRE

delire releases film

New York, NY (July 21, 2022) – DELIRE recently released their film, Haut Perché, the story of co-founder Jeff Beaulieu. “As one of the best climbing wall manufacturers in the industry, DELIRE designs innovative and high-performance products,” their website reads. Now, in addition to mats, walls, and other climbing structures, DELIRE presents a film:

Haut Perché reveals a piece of the unique man that is Jeff Beaulieu, co-founder of Délire Escalade and Délire Climbing Walls. This film tells the inspiring story of a human who is not afraid of great challenges. However, the challenge must be significant for the climbing community. From the unexplored summit of a big wall in Peru to the still virgin cliffs of the Vallée Bras-du-Nord, Jeff never seems to stop.

***English subtitle available

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