Dynamite Starfish Releases 2022 Valentine’s Day Collection for Climbers

Dynamite Starfish ad

Dynamite Starfish ad

For Love & Climbing: 2022 Valentine’s Day Collection of Gifts for Rock Climbers

Independent rock climbing brand Dynamite Starfish (https://dynamitestarfish.com) releases their 2022 collection of heartfelt art and merchandise. Rock climbers looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for their belay partners, life partners, and friendships can now purchase artist-made greeting cards, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and posters online.

Los Angeles, California — For Love & Climbing is a Valentine’s Day collection that celebrates love and rock climbing through art. With new products like the “Climbers Holding Hands” greeting card and the “YOU + ME + CLIMBING” sweatshirts, For Love & Climbing expresses the unique relationships climbers have with each other in illustrated form.

For Love & Climbing is available for purchase at https://dynamitestarfish.com/collections/valentines-day-rock-climbing-merch

Any wholesale inquiries are to be sent to info@dynamitestarfish.com

Dynamite Starfish ships internationally and offers free shipping in the USA on orders over $65.


Dynamite Starfish is a rock climbing brand & arts community. Founded by an artist and climber, Dynamite Starfish has been creating inspired designs that celebrate the joy of climbing since 2014.

The new collection and the brand, in general, encourage climbers to have meaningful experiences with each other and recreate mindfully outdoors.


Leslie Kim

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