Announcing Triangle Rock Club Salvage Yard

Triangle Rock Club Salvage Yard

Triangle Rock Club Salvage Yard

Raleigh, NC (September 12, 2022) – Triangle Rock Club (TRC) is excited to announce its next project, an addition to the Raleigh Iron Works district, named TRC-Salvage Yard. This new project is part of a soon-to-be renovated collection of warehouses just minutes from downtown Raleigh.

The TRC facility will utilize a 27 ft clear height existing building and then create an 8,000 sq ft tall wall area with 50 ft of clearance – totaling 40,000 sq/ ft footprint for world-class climbing and fitness offerings.

Triangle Rock Club Salvage Yard

“We anticipate having well over 100 climbing lanes, a giant bouldering area with top-out boulders, two dedicated yoga studios, and ample fitness space. We are designing this space with sociability in mind, with abundant outdoor seating and a direct line of sight to an outdoor beer garden,” says Mike St. Laurent, President of Triangle Rock Club.

“We have been scouting for a signature Raleigh location for some time. To find a building that met our vertical objectives and also offers a neighborhood coming alive with fun food and beverage options really exceeded our expectations” added Andrew Kratz, Co-Founder of Triangle Rock Club.

Triangle Rock Club Salvage Yard

Salvage Yard will be located just across the street from Raleigh Iron Works, offering an easy, walkable connection for Triangle Rock Club members and visitors. Site work is anticipated to begin by the end of the year with TRC opening its doors in 2024.

About Triangle Rock Club

In December 2007, Triangle Rock Club (TRC) opened the doors of its first location in Morrisville, North Carolina. Today, 15 years later, TRC has four additional locations in Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, and Richmond. The mission of the company is to transform and enhance the lives of others by enthusiastically sharing their passion for climbing and fitness. TRC does just that, they offer not only world-class level rock climbing but also offer ample yoga and fitness classes. What started as a vision to bring a community together, now has a large and growing membership. For more information, visit

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