170 Gyms Participate in Groundbreaking Survey

CWA Indoor Climber Survey
CWA Indoor Climber Survey
Photo: Climbing Wall Association

The Boulder, Colorado-based Climbing Wall Association (CWA) recently launched its 2019 Indoor Climber Survey. The survey seeks to gather data specifically about “indoor climbers,” gyms, and the communities therein.

Most of the data collected on the broad activity of climbing in past surveys by other organizations has not differentiated much between outdoors and indoors. A CWA press release about this 2019 Indoor Climber Survey said, “Until now, the overlap between the indoor and outdoor climbing communities has been unknown. Very little information exists about indoor climbers, particularly what sets them apart from the outdoor climbing community. This is essential information for the future of the sport of climbing — to aide business owners, industry professionals, climbing access and advocacy groups, and community leaders as they grow and develop the sport.”

The CWA survey is being conducted by Dr. David P. Carter of the University of Utah and Dr. Ryan J. Gagnon of Clemson University. 170 total gyms — from the United States and Canada — form the sample. However, anyone who considers gyms to be their main outlet for climbing can visit the survey here and offer answers to the questions. (CWA estimates it takes about 12 minutes to complete the survey).

Dr. Carter said, “The popularity of climbing is growing at an unprecedented rate. Taking advantage of the opportunities that this growth represents — and addressing the related challenges — requires a better understanding of who climbs, how they climb, and what their climbing preferences are. This project will offer important insights into the rapidly evolving climbing community and can help answer pressing questions, such as who is attracted to and excluded from the sport, why people climb, and to what extent indoor climbing serves as a pathway to climbing outdoors.”

Laura Allured, Marketing & Communications Manager at CWA, added, “We are thrilled to be conducting the CWA’s first-ever Indoor Climber Survey. This is a milestone in the development of our industry and will provide invaluable insights into the community that we serve as climbing gyms.”

The survey runs through November 8, 2019.

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