Work With Team ABC– Climbing Jobs Weekly 2022 September 29

abc kids climbing

abc kids climbing

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Team ABC Coach

Team ABC Coordinator

ABC Kids Climbing
Boulder, CO

“Located in Boulder, Colorado, ABC Kids Climbing is a unique climbing facility for kids and the home of Team ABC.

Fostering foundational climbing experiences for preschoolers, leading developmental climbing experiences for kids, coaching competitive climbing experiences for athletes and guiding outdoor climbing experiences for families.

We’re here to share unique climbing experiences with kids and families while developing  the next generation of youth climbers.

Elevate Climbing Walls


10 Things Every Job Seeker Should Know Before Starting Their Search
By Tara Clark

“Companies often Google search a candidate before hiring, and social media can be an immediate red flag. Before starting your job hunt, clean up your Facebook! Many people respond to this advice defensively, feeling that it’s Orwellian to have your actions monitored even on social media, but the truth is, once it’s out there, it’s hard to remove it. Review your privacy settings and if it’s questionable, maybe leave it off the Internet.”

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FT = full time
PT = part time

Head Routesetter at Gecko Phoenix, AZ FT – routesetter
Routesetter at Mesa Rim San Diego, CA PT/FT – routesetter
Head Routesetter at High Altitude Truckee, CA FT – routesetter
General Manager at Bouldering Project Washington, DC FT – manager
Assistant Manager at Central Rock Gym Tampa, FL FT – manager
General Manager at Bouldering Project Minneapolis, MN FT – manager
Head Routesetter at Bigfoot Morganton, NC FT – routesetter
Head Coach at VITAL Manhattan, NY PT – coach
Director of Gym Operations at The Cliffs Remote; NYC, NY FT – manager
Membership Coordinator at Doylestown Rock Gym Doylestown, PA FT – manager
Program Coordinator at Doylestown Rock Gym Doylestown, PA PT – manager
Assistant General Manager at Bouldering Project Seattle, WA FT – manager
Sr. Communications Manager at Bouldering Project Austin, Seattle, or SLC – Hybrid FT – manager, mktg/sales

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