Wanted: Routesetter Opinions For Grip List 2020 Survey

CBJ Grip List 2020 Survey

CBJ Grip List 2020 Survey

It’s that time of year again! Since 2014 the annual CBJ Grip List survey has provided insights into the top climbing hold and volumes brands from around the world. This year we are adding a brand-new set of awards into the mix focused on the homewall setter.

Like all things, the indoor climbing industry has been dramatically affected by the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Indoor gyms have been temporarily closed, development projects have been delayed, and many brands that supply climbing facilities have seen dramatic shifts in their sales. Businesses, organizations and governments have had to pivot to meet their needs in this altered landscape. CBJ has not been immune, and we are constantly adapting our coverage to the moment.

That is why we’re pivoting to include home climbing walls for our Grip List 2020 survey. We have observed an absolute boom in that submarket of our industry recently, with many eager climbers erecting new walls and searching for the right materials. While many businesses in climbing have to be on hold right now, those businesses that can still cater to homewalls have been bursting at the seams.

This year’s survey is open to any routesetter, even if your only experience is on a homewall. In addition to voting on their favorite hold and volume brands in general, we are asking routesetters to vote on their favorite hold and volume brands specifically for homewalls. We will give away some random prizes to respondents, including holds, volumes and CBJ swag.

Routesetters and Homewallers:
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