Thieves Break In To The Boardroom


The Boardroom Climbing gym near Liverpool, England was ransacked last weekend by yobs who stole money from charity bins and the cash till.

The thieves snapped a padlock just after closing during daylight hours. David Thomas, one of the directors at the centre told the New North Wales, “They took the cash drawer and they smashed open the charity tins.”

The gym was outfited with a securty system, which was activated and CCTV which caught the men in the act. “I looked at the footage and they were stamping on the charity tins in reception and it really riled me straight away,” Thomas said.

Thomas said they have a thousand pounds in expenses with the theft of the till and damage to the building, while up to £200 was stolen from the charity tins.

“I think we got off quite lightly in the end and they must have known that they didn’t have much time,” he said.