Singapore Brings Climbing To Abandoned Railway


In Singapore there is a railway that was constructed in the 1920s, when trains would travel from downtown Singapore across the sea into Malaysia. In 2011 those tracks were abandoned and left to nature where only bird watchers and hikers dare visit.

Tech Insider is reporting that the city now has plans to completely redesign the 15 mile area and call it, the Green Corridor, into a series of community spaces, including a rock-climbing cave underneath a highway.

Rendering of the planed Green Corridor project in Singapore.
Rendering of the planed Green Corridor project in Singapore.

“This is an excellent opportunity to transform the Corridor into a very special community space that is more than just a park,” Humphrey Sew, a spokesperson for Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority, tells Tech Insider.

The plans call for a long stretch of green spaces outfitted for different activities. Parts of the old railway tracks are elevated, but most are on ground level. The design features bike and pedestrian paths with spots for eight different activities, including yoga, growing vegetables in an urban farm, and watching wildlife.