PR: Non-profits Have an Ally in Avate


Press Release:

As the climbing industry grows, so does the need for support. From established areas that need
re-bolting to the crags whose access is threatened; from the indoor gyms hosting youth competitions to the volunteer organizations that help adaptive climbers reach new heights, climbing has always relied on support from within.

And like many other climbing companies, Avate Apparel has hit the market to do just that, already
partnering with organizations such as the Access Fund, the American Alpine Club and the Adaptive
Climbing Group. But Avate pledges to do much more as well. Company CEO, Michael Denman, has a
different take on how the non-profits of the industry can benefit from personalized support.

“With Avate, we recognize that collectively, we are responsible for making climbing what it is and what it can be. Each non-profit has different needs, from event sponsorship, or social media awareness and cross promotion, to monetary donations and blue collar support.” He continues, “As an apparel company, we pledge to give 10% of the revenue from our sales to non-profits as well as having the flexibility to give swag to a comp, produce clothing for event volunteers, or offer support to an organization in a way that can yield them far greater fundraising results. For example, if we can supply a local climbing coalition with a functional piece of apparel at wholesale cost that highlights their event instead of simply our apparel, that garment can be used as a fundraiser to support the growth of their cause.” And that’s where the philosophy comes full circle.

Climbers support their own and Avate has jumped into the market to help broaden that reach by giving non-profits a flexible company with which to work that caters to their needs. “We’re starting small. We’re starting responsibly. We understand that as the company grows, so too will our support of the sport. Currently, our apparel is available for sale online at and we hope to be popping up in pro shops and retails stores soon. We understand that we need a retail presence to support the business and we hope that climbers will support us, so we can in turn support them.”

Avate recently launched its first line of shirts, hats, and hoodies with expansion of the clothing line planned for the fall and spring of 2016. For the organizations that bring access and awareness, it’s great to have an up and coming company on their side.

About Avate – Avate Apparel launched in 2015. Owned and operated by a group of climbers who are
committed to the basic principles of making quality clothing that climbers can wear on and off the rock, Avate pledges to support the non-profits that keep climbing accessible. Follow us on social media @AvateApparel on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.